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SamTrans 100-154 Edit (Revision 457428)

Hi LegoNovaLFS2001,

I felt the additional wording like you mentioned "distinction" was not very necessary. "They were the last NABI 436's built" just gets straight to the point. For fleet replacements, I never thought it was very necessary to add them to the descriptive fleet info page since the page is focusing on that particular fleet itself. However, I guess that really just comes down to personal tastes in terms of adding info on those pages. To me fleet replacement info should be mentioned on the main page (like this one), but it's not really crucial to mention it. I rarely mention it since certain fleets would be left empty in terms of what replaced what. If you want, I could add that information back to that page. To me MM/DD/YYYY entry dates are necessary because they pin point exact dates of events that occurred. I felt having the very first day of service for the fleet being known was important enough to write down once I obtained the information. I try to use MM/DD/YYYY entry dates as often as possible in the majority of my edits (with the exception of registration dates in most cases).

I hope this was a good explanation of why I did what I did. I apologize if it was taken in a rude manner.


2/21/2020 8:57 AM (PST)

Hi DD 6V92TA,

I don't want it added back--I was more curious than anything. But I understand now, thank you for clarifying.

-- LegoNovaLFS2001 (talk) 03:34, 22 February 2020 (UTC)