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==What do I do==
==What do I do==
I'm New York City based so naturally, that's where the vast majority of my work on this wiki goes to. Most of what I do involves switching around the depots that each bus is assigned to/marking buses as delivered or scrapped every now and then. I do my best to keep it as up to date as possible but with a fleet of 5,000 or so buses which can transfer between a multitude of depots anytime on weekdays, it's impossible to always stay accurate (And at the end of the day, does anyone actually use the depot assignments? Lol).
I'm New York City and Ithaca based so naturally, that's where the vast majority of my work on this wiki goes towards. I also handle miscellaneous northeast transit agencies occasionally whenever I get information on them (SEPTA, etc) and on some occasions, I'll edit the pages of agencies outside of my region when I get some tips, new, or info on them.
I also handle miscellaneous northeast transit agencies occasionally whenever I get information on them (SEPTA, etc) and on some occasions, I'll go out of my region when I get some tips or info on them.
==Buses Photographed==
==Buses Photographed==
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Neoplan AN460LF DMA<br>
Neoplan AN460LF DMA<br>
New Flyer C35LF<br>
New Flyer C40LF<br>
New Flyer C40LF<br>
New Flyer C40LFR<br>
New Flyer C40LFR<br>
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New Flyer XDE60 Xcelsior<br>
New Flyer XDE60 Xcelsior<br>
New Flyer XE40 Xcelsior<br>
New Flyer XE40 Xcelsior<br>
New Flyer XN35 Xcelsior<br>
New Flyer XN40 Xcelsior<br>
New Flyer XN40 Xcelsior<br>
New Flyer XN60 Xcelsior<br>
New Flyer XN60 Xcelsior<br>
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Proterra BE40 Catalyst<br>
Proterra BE40 Catalyst<br>
Škoda 14TrE2<br>
Škoda 14TrSF<br>
Škoda 14TrSF<br>
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Van Hool A300L<br>
Van Hool A300L<br>
Van Hool A330<br>
Van Hool A330<br>
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Volvo 7905<br>
Volvo 7905<br>
Volvo 8900<br>
Volvo 8900<br>
==Agencies Photographed==
===North America===
'''Alameda Contra Costa Transit District''' - Oakland, CA<br>
'''Antelope Valley Transit Authority''' - Lancaster, CA (Among others)<br>
'''Arlington Transit''' - Arlington, VA<br>
'''Brazos Transit District''' - Brazos, TX<br>
'''Brooklyn Navy Yard Shuttle''' - New York City, NY<br>
'''Broome County Transit''' - Binghamton, NY<br>
'''C Tran''' - Elmira, NY<br>
'''Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority''' - Austin, TX<br>
'''Central New York Regional Transportation Authority''' - Syracuse, NY (Among others)<br>
'''Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District''' - Champaign/Urbana, IL
'''Charleston Regional Transit Authority''' - Charleston, SC
'''Charlotte Area Transit System''' - Charlotte, NC
'''Charm City Circulator''' - Baltimore, MD
'''Citibus''' - Lubbock, TX<br>
'''City Of Commerce Municipal Bus''' - Commerce, CA<br>
'''Columbia University''' - New York City, NY<br>
'''Connect Transit''' - Bloomington/Normal, IL<br>
'''Connecticut Transit''' - New Haven, CT (Among others)<br>
'''Cornwall Transit''' - Cornwall, ON<br>
'''DASH - Alexandria Transit Company''' - Alexandria, VA<br>
'''Duke University Transit''' - Durham, NC<br>
'''Foothill Transit''' - Los Angeles, CA (Region)<br>
'''Dallas Area Rapid Transit''' - Dallas, TX<br>
'''Fairfax Connector''' - Fairfax County, VA<br>
'''GoCary''' - Cary, NC<br>
'''GoDurham''' - Durham, NC<br>
'''Golden Gate Transit''' - San Francisco, CA (Region)<br>
'''GoRaleigh''' - Raleigh, NC<br>
'''GoTriangle''' - Durham, NC (Region)<br>
'''Greater Bridgeport Transit''' - Bridgeport, CT<br>
'''Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority''' - Cleveland, OH<br>
'''Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority''' - Dayton, OH<br>
'''Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation''' - (West) Lafayette, IN<br>
'''Greensboro Transit Authority''' - Greensboro, NC<br>
'''GTrans'' - Gardena, CA<br>
'''Harvard Shuttle''' - Boston, MA<br>
'''HudsonLink''' - White Plains, NY (Region)<br>
'''Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation''' - Indianapolis, IN<br>
'''Laketran''' - Lake County, OH<br>
'''LMA Shuttle''' - Boston, MA<br>
'''Long Beach Transit''' - Long Beach, CA<br>
'''Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit''' - Los Angeles, CA<br>
'''Los Angeles Department Of Transportation''' - Los Angeles, CA<br>
'''Maryland Transit Administration''' - Baltimore, MD<br>
'''Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority''' - Boston, MA<br>
'''Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority''' - Boston, MA (Region)<br>
'''Metro Regional Transit Authority''' - Akron, OH<br>
'''Metropolitan Transportation Authority''' - New York City, NY<br>
'''MIT Shuttle''' - Boston, MA<br>
'''Montebello Bus Lines''' - Montebello, CA<br>
'''Nassau Inter-County Express''' - Nassau County, NY<br>
'''New Jersey Transit''' - New Jersey, NJ (Region)<br>
'''North County Transit District''' - North San Diego County, NY<br>
'''Norwalk Transit District''' - Norwalk, CT<br>
'''New York University''' - New York City, NY<br>
'''Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission''' - Ottawa, ON<br>
'''Piedmont Area For Regional Transportation''' - Greensboro, NC (Region)<br>
'''Port Authority Of Allegheny County''' - Pittsburgh, PA<br>
'''Prince George's County Transit''' - Prince George County, MD<br>
'''Rhode Island Public Transit Authority''' - Providence, RI (Region)<br>
'''Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority''' - Rochester, NY<br>
'''Rutgers University''' - New Brunswick, NB<br>
'''San Diego Metropolitan Transit System''' - San Diego, CA<br>
'''San Francisco Municipal Railway''' - San Francisco, CA<br>
'''San Mateo County Transit District''' - Palo Alto, CA<br>
'''Sangamon Mass Transit District'''- Springfield, IL<br>
'''Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority''' - San Jose, CA<br>
'''Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus''' - Santa Monica, CA<br>
'''Shuttle-UM''' - Baltimore, MD<br>
'''Société de transport de l'Outaouasis''' - Gatineau, QC<br>
'''Southeast Area Transit''' - New London, CT<br>
'''Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority''' - Philadelphia, PA<br>
'''Somerset County Transit''' - Somerset County, NJ<br>
'''Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority''' - Cleveland, OH<br>
'''Stanford Marguerite Shuttle''' - Palo Alto, CA<br>
'''Stark Area Regional Transit Authority''' - Canton, OH<br>
'''Suffolk County Transit'''- Suffolk County, NY<br>
'''Texas A&M University''' - College Station, TX<br>
'''Tiger Transit''' - Princeton, NJ<br>
'''Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit''' - Ithaca, NY<br>
'''Torrance Transit''' - Torrance, CA<br>
'''Transit Authority Of Northern Kentucky''' - Covington, KY (Region)<br>
'''Transport Of Rockland''' - Rockland County, NY<br>
'''VIA Metropolitan Transit''' - San Antonio, TX<br>
'''Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority''' - Washington DC, USA<br>
'''Westchester County Bee Line System''' - Westchester County, NY<br>
'''Winston-Salem Transit Authority''' - Winston-Salem, NC<br>

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I have a bit of spare time so I thought I'd make this page.

What do I do

I'm New York City and Ithaca based so naturally, that's where the vast majority of my work on this wiki goes towards. I also handle miscellaneous northeast transit agencies occasionally whenever I get information on them (SEPTA, etc) and on some occasions, I'll edit the pages of agencies outside of my region when I get some tips, new, or info on them.

Buses Photographed

I only photograph transit buses and some coach buses. I aim to get as much diversity as possible but of course that's not always possible (Money, time, I haven't been photographing for that long)

North America

Alexander Dennis Enviro200
Alexander Dennis Enviro500
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 Super-Lo

BYD K11M Lancastrian

El Dorado Axess BRT
El Dorado Axess BRT CNG
El Dorado E-Z Rider MAX II
El Dorado E-Z Rider MAX II CNG
El Dorado E-Z Rider MAX II Propane
El Dorado E-Z Rider MAX II BRT
El Dorado E-Z Rider MAX II BRT CNG
El Dorado XHF

Flxible Metro D

Gillig Low Floor
Gillig Low Floor BRT
Gillig Low Floor BRT CNG
Gillig Low Floor BRT HEV
Gillig Low Floor CNG
Gillig Low Floor HEV
Gillig Low Floor Trolley Replica
Gillig Low Floor Trolley Replica HEV
Gillig Phantom

Grande West Vicinity

MCI D4000
MCI D4500
MCI TC40-102A Classic
MCI TC40-102N Classic

Millennium Transit Services RTS Legend

NABI 416.12
NABI 416.15
NABI 436.10
NABI Metro 45C CNG

Neoplan AN440
Neoplan AN440 CNG
Neoplan AN440LF
Neoplan AN440LF ETB
Neoplan AN440TLF
Neoplan AN459
Neoplan AN460
Neoplan AN460LF DMA

New Flyer C35LF
New Flyer C40LF
New Flyer C40LFR
New Flyer D30LF
New Flyer D35HF
New Flyer D35LF
New Flyer D35LFR
New Flyer D40i
New Flyer D40LF
New Flyer D40LFR
New Flyer D60HF
New Flyer D60LF
New Flyer D60LFA
New Flyer D60LFR
New Flyer DE30LFR
New Flyer DE40LF
New Flyer DE40LFA
New Flyer DE40LFR
New Flyer DE41LF
New Flyer DE60LFA
New Flyer DE60LFR
New Flyer E40LFR
New Flyer GE35LFR
New Flyer GE40LF
New Flyer GE40LFA
New Flyer GE40LFR
New Flyer L40LF
New Flyer MD30 MiDi
New Flyer XD35 Xcelsior
New Flyer XD40 Xcelsior
New Flyer XD60 Xcelsior
New Flyer XDE35 Xcelsior
New Flyer XDE40 Xcelsior
New Flyer XDE60 Xcelsior
New Flyer XE40 Xcelsior
New Flyer XN35 Xcelsior
New Flyer XN40 Xcelsior
New Flyer XN60 Xcelsior
New Flyer XT40 Xcelsior
New Flyer XT60 Xcelsior

Nova LFS
Nova LFS-A
Nova LFX
Nova LFX-A
Nova RTS-06
Nova RTS-06 WFD
Nova TC40-102A Classic

Orion V
Orion V CNG
Orion VI
Orion VII
Orion VII EPA10
Orion VII NG

Prevost X3-45

Proterra BE35 Catalyst
Proterra BE40 Catalyst

Škoda 14TrE2
Škoda 14TrSF


Van Hool A300K
Van Hool A300L
Van Hool A330


[under construction. I'm still trying to identify some buses, and I don't remember every model I've seen, unlike the USA...]

Atak Karsan


Göppel GO4City 10

Hess BGGH-N2C LighTram

Heuliez GX 127

Ikarus 280T
Ikarus 415

Irisbus Agora L
Irisbus Agora S
Irisbus Citelis
Irisbus Citelis Hyb

Irizar i2e
Irizar i4
Irizar i6

Iveco Crossway LE
Iveco Urbanway 12
Iveco Urbanway 12 Hyb
Iveco Urbanway 18

MAN NG313 F (Castrosua City Versus body)
MAN NG323 F (Castrosua City Versus body)
MAN NGT 204 M 16
MAN NL242 F GLP (Castrosua CS-40 City II body)
MAN NL243 F GLP (Castrosua CS-40 City II body)
MAN NL253 Lion's City Hybrid
MAN NL273 Lion's City

Mercedes Benz O405GN
Mercedes Benz O407
Mercedes Benz O530 Citaro
Mercedes Benz O530 Citaro GNC
Mercedes Benz O530G Citaro
Mercedes Benz O530G Citaro GNC
Mercedes Benz O550 Integro
Mercedes Benz O550 Integro L

Modulo C68E
Modulo M-108D

Rampini Alé E 80 Electric

Renault Agora L

Scania N280 UB GNC (Castrosua New City body)

Setra S 315 HDH
Setra S 315 NF
Setra S 415 LE Business
Setra S 415 NF
Setra S 415 UL
Setra S 415 UL Business
Setra S 416 LE
Setra S 416 LE Business
Setra S 416 GT-HD
Setra S 416 UL
Setra S 419 UL
Setra S 431 DT

Solaris Trollino 18
Solaris Trollino 18 Metrostyle

Van Hool A309
Van Hool A330 hyb
Van Hool AG300
Van Hool AG300T
Van Hool AGG300
Van Hool ExquiCity

VDL Citea
VDL Citea Electric

Vectia Veris.12 Hybrid +
Vectia Veris.12 Hybrid Partial Electric

Volvo 7000
Volvo 7700
Volvo 7700A
Volvo 7900
Volvo 7900A
Volvo 7905
Volvo 8900

Agencies Photographed

North America

Alameda Contra Costa Transit District - Oakland, CA
Antelope Valley Transit Authority - Lancaster, CA (Among others)
Arlington Transit - Arlington, VA
Brazos Transit District - Brazos, TX
Brooklyn Navy Yard Shuttle - New York City, NY
Broome County Transit - Binghamton, NY
C Tran - Elmira, NY
Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority - Austin, TX
Central New York Regional Transportation Authority - Syracuse, NY (Among others)
Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District - Champaign/Urbana, IL Charleston Regional Transit Authority - Charleston, SC Charlotte Area Transit System - Charlotte, NC Charm City Circulator - Baltimore, MD Citibus - Lubbock, TX
City Of Commerce Municipal Bus - Commerce, CA
Columbia University - New York City, NY
Connect Transit - Bloomington/Normal, IL
Connecticut Transit - New Haven, CT (Among others)
Cornwall Transit - Cornwall, ON
DASH - Alexandria Transit Company - Alexandria, VA
Duke University Transit - Durham, NC
Foothill Transit - Los Angeles, CA (Region)
Dallas Area Rapid Transit - Dallas, TX
Fairfax Connector - Fairfax County, VA
GoCary - Cary, NC
GoDurham - Durham, NC
Golden Gate Transit - San Francisco, CA (Region)
GoRaleigh - Raleigh, NC
GoTriangle - Durham, NC (Region)
Greater Bridgeport Transit - Bridgeport, CT
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority - Cleveland, OH
Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority - Dayton, OH
Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation - (West) Lafayette, IN
Greensboro Transit Authority - Greensboro, NC
'GTrans - Gardena, CA
Harvard Shuttle - Boston, MA
HudsonLink - White Plains, NY (Region)
Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation - Indianapolis, IN
Laketran - Lake County, OH
LMA Shuttle - Boston, MA
Long Beach Transit - Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit - Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Department Of Transportation - Los Angeles, CA
Maryland Transit Administration - Baltimore, MD
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority - Boston, MA
Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority - Boston, MA (Region)
Metro Regional Transit Authority - Akron, OH
Metropolitan Transportation Authority - New York City, NY
MIT Shuttle - Boston, MA
Montebello Bus Lines - Montebello, CA
Nassau Inter-County Express - Nassau County, NY
New Jersey Transit - New Jersey, NJ (Region)
North County Transit District - North San Diego County, NY
Norwalk Transit District - Norwalk, CT
New York University - New York City, NY
Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission - Ottawa, ON
Piedmont Area For Regional Transportation - Greensboro, NC (Region)
Port Authority Of Allegheny County - Pittsburgh, PA
Prince George's County Transit - Prince George County, MD
Rhode Island Public Transit Authority - Providence, RI (Region)
Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority - Rochester, NY
Rutgers University - New Brunswick, NB
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System - San Diego, CA
San Francisco Municipal Railway - San Francisco, CA
San Mateo County Transit District - Palo Alto, CA
Sangamon Mass Transit District- Springfield, IL
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority - San Jose, CA
Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus - Santa Monica, CA
Shuttle-UM - Baltimore, MD
Société de transport de l'Outaouasis - Gatineau, QC
Southeast Area Transit - New London, CT
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority - Philadelphia, PA
Somerset County Transit - Somerset County, NJ
Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority - Cleveland, OH
Stanford Marguerite Shuttle - Palo Alto, CA
Stark Area Regional Transit Authority - Canton, OH
Suffolk County Transit- Suffolk County, NY
Texas A&M University - College Station, TX
Tiger Transit - Princeton, NJ
Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit - Ithaca, NY
Torrance Transit - Torrance, CA
Transit Authority Of Northern Kentucky - Covington, KY (Region)
Transport Of Rockland - Rockland County, NY
VIA Metropolitan Transit - San Antonio, TX
Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority - Washington DC, USA
Westchester County Bee Line System - Westchester County, NY
Winston-Salem Transit Authority - Winston-Salem, NC