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NeOn Bus Rider
Favourite Powertrain Detroit Diesel Series 60 EGR + ZF As Tronic 12 Speed
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NeOn Bus Rider is a college student and a Motor Coach enthusiast in Toronto, Ontario. His home transit system is Toronto Transit Commission, where his home routes include Toronto Transit Commission route 23 'Dawes' and Toronto Transit Commission route 24 'Victoria Park'.


NeOn Bus Rider, as known in CPTDB, had joined the CPTDB website since December 2010. NeOn Bus Rider joined CPTDB based on being a friend and college classmate with FlyerD901.

He grew up in the East York area and would mostly ride the 23 Dawes and/or 24 Victoria Park. NeOn Bus Rider still resides in the East York Area near the St. Clair Avenue East and Victoria Park intersection.

NeOn Bus Rider has rode on several transit buses which include GMs, Flyers and New Flyers (except for anything built after 2000), Orion III, V to VII and Nova Bus RTS. As for Motor Coach NeOn Bus rider has rode on all MCIs (except MC8 to prior and E & G Series Coaches), Prevost H3-45 and Van Hool TD925.

As of now he is currently attending Centennial College in the Truck and Coach Co-op Apprenticeship Program.