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===Wiki Markup===
===Wiki Markup===
I find the "highlight and drag" method extremely easy.
::<nowiki><font color="red"></nowiki>: for red colored text, close with <nowiki></font></nowiki>
::<nowiki><font color="red"></nowiki>: for red colored text, close with <nowiki></font></nowiki>

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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.

Public transportation user since 1983.

Home base is the city of Buffalo, New York, however, I do associate myself with the Golden Horseshoe (Niagara Falls to Toronto), the Anthracite region of Pennsylvania (Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Shenandoah, Hazleton, and Mt Carmel), the Capital Region of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Lancaster, York, Reading) and the Finger Lakes region of New York (Rochester, Ithaca, Elmira, Corning). Also, I've been working on a few midwest United States agencies that are lacking a lot of information, especially past fleets. Agencies include Wichita Transit, Johnson County Transit (the JO), and a few others.

Another project has me working on a number of past agencies, including as many streetcar, trolley bus and conventional transit coaches as I can find. The areas covered include New York and Pennsylvania.

I'm working heavily on the Pittsburgh Railways Company, and am setting up to tackle other agencies that also were amalgamated into today's Port Authority of Allegheny County. I'm finding the Pittsburgh history quite interesting, especially when compared to the International Railway Company (NY/ON) and Niagara Frontier Transit System segue into today's Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority.

Outstanding projects

  • Continuous work on Ford Motor Company VINs for cutaway buses. Work includes scouring individual agencies for VIN numbers on fleet pages.
  • National Parks Service shuttle fleet pages.
  • Expanding information on Memphis Area Transit Authority and Wichita Transit, when additional information becomes available. For the time being, I'm caught up, but will update if I see other ways to improve the articles.
  • Updating infoboxes for a number of agencies that I'm familiar working with, or lack them. Agencies with new infoboxes include Memphis Area Transit Authority, Luzerne County Transportation Authority and Cambria County Transit Authority.
  • Recently fixed coding on "Reference" sections with <references> keyed instead of <references/> (much of it my own doing).
  • British and United Kingdom properties, slowly being added when I can get information available.
  • New York state school districts, slowly adding many districts all-time rosters.

The seven immediate predecessors to the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority

Niagara Frontier Transit System: defunct
D&F Transit: defunct
Grand Island Transit Corporation/Grand Tours
Lockport Bus Lines: defunct
Niagara Falls Municipal Transit System: defunct
Niagara Scenic Tours (aka Niagara Scenic Bus Lines)
Tonawanda-North Tonawanda Transit: defunct

Western New York regional carriers, past and present (some, of the many)

Access Allegany
Batavia Motor Coach Company: defunct
Bedore Tours
Bflo Transit, Inc.: defunct
Blue Bird Coach Lines: defunct
Blue Bus (New York): defunct
Blue Valley Bus Lines: defunct
Buffalo and Erie Railway: defunct
Buffalo and Lackawanna Bus Corporation: defunct
Buffalo and Lake Erie Traction Company: defunct
Buffalo Street Railroad Company: defunct
Buffalo and Akron Transit Company: defunct
Buffalo Transit Company: defunct
Carpenter Rapid Transit (North Tonawanda, NY): defunct
Chautauqua Area Rural Transit System
Crosstown Street Railway Company: defunct
Empire Trailways: defunct
Genesee Bus Lines: defunct
Hamburg Bus Company: defunct
Hornell Area Transit System
International Railway Company: defunct
Jamestown Area Regional Transit System: defunct
Jamestown Motor Bus Transportation Company: defunct
Lock City Electric Rail Road Company: defunct
Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority
NU Express
Olean Area Transit System
Red Bus Lines (Buffalo, NY): defunct
Rochester-Penfield Bus Company: defunct
Seneca Transit System
Rochester, Lockport and Buffalo Railroad Corporation
Rural Niagara Public Transportation
Valley Bus Lines: defunct
Western New York Motor Lines: defunct
Wooley Bus Lines (New York State): defunct

Ithaca, New York area transportation

Community Transit System (Ithaca, NY): defunct
Ithaca Railway: defunct
Ithaca Transit: defunct
Tomtran: defunct
Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit

Anthracite Region public transportation

Slowly adding past carriers, in addition to updating present carriers


Berks Area Reading Transportation Authority: Reading, PA
Bushey Bus Service: Harrisburg, PA (defunct)
Capital Area Transit (PA): Harrisburg, PA
Carbon County Community Transit: Jim Thorpe, PA
Central Pennsylvania Transportation Authority: York, PA
Chambersburg and Gettysburg Electric Railway: Chambersburg, PA (defunct)
County of Lackawanna Transit System: Scranton, PA
County of Lebanon Transit: Lebanon, PA
East Penn Transportation Company: Pottsville, PA (defunct)
Freedom Transit: Gettysburg, PA
Gettysburg-Harrisburg Bus Line: Gettysburg, PA (defunct)
Harrisburg Railways Company: Harrisburg, PA (defunct)
King Coal Tours
Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority: Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton, PA
Lower Anthracite Transportation System: Mt. Carmel, PA
Luzerne County Transportation Authority: Wilkes-Barre, PA
Rabbit Transit: York, PA
Red Rose Transit Authority: Lancaster, PA
Schuylkill Transportation System: Pottsville, PA
Shamokin & Mt. Carmel Railway: Mt. Carmel, PA
South Central Transit Authority: Reading/Lancaster, PA
R & J Tours
White Transit Company (Pennsylvania): Wilkes-Barre, PA (defunct)

Other items I find of interest

Beaver Metropolitan Coach Company and related articles defunct
Central Greyhound Lines of New York defunct
Rochester/Syracuse: New York State Railways defunct
Buffalo/Niagara Region: Niagara Frontier Rapid Transit Plan
Niagara County: Ridge Road Express
Niagara County: Rural Niagara Public Transportation
Utica: Utica Transit Authority defunct, Utica Transit Commission defunct, Utica Transit Corporation defunct
Little Rock, AR: Central Arkansas Transit Authority, Rock Region Metro

Other articles I watch closely, but DO NOT edit (except in rare circumstances)

Central New York Regional Transportation Authority
Fort Erie Transit
GO Transit
Hamilton Street Railway
Niagara Falls Transit
Niagara-on-the-Lake Transit
Niagara Region Transit
Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority
St. Catharines Transit
Toronto Transit Commission
Welland Transit
...a big thanks to all those out there that maintain these pages and keep them up-to-date!

Agencies without pages

Buffalo, NY area

Buffalo, Bellevue and Lancaster Railway Company
Buffalo East Side Railway Company
Buffalo, Kenmore and Tonawanda Electric Railway Company
Buffalo and Lockport Railway
Buffalo and Niagara Falls Electric Railway
Buffalo Railway Company
Buffalo Street Railroad Company
Buffalo and Tonawanda Electric Railway
Buffalo, Tonawanda and Niagara Falls Railway Company
Buffalo Traction Company
Crosstown Street Railway Company
Elmwood Avenue and Tonawanda Electric Railway Company
Erie County Motor Coach Lines
International Bus Company
International Traction Company
Lock City Electric Railroad Company
Lockport and Olcott Railway
Lockport Street Railroad Company
Niagara Falls and Suspension Bridge Railway Company
Niagara Falls, Whirlpool and Northern Railway
Niagara Street Railway Company
Ridge Road Express
Tonawanda Electric Railroad Company
Tonawanda Street Railroad Company
West Side Street Railway Company


Bath-Corning Bus Line
Corning-Elmira-Waverly Coach Lines
Electric City Railway Company
Elmira-Ithaca Motor Transportation Company
Hornell-Allegany Transportation Company

Streetcar and interurban manufacturing

  • Allison (Allison Mfg. Co. / Allison Car Works / W.C. Allison & Sons)
  • American Car Company (St. Louis)
  • American Car and Foundry
  • American Fireproof Steel Car Company
  • Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
  • Baker Iron Works
  • Barber Car Company
  • Barney & Smith Manufacturing Company
  • Billmeyer & Small
  • Bloomsburg Car Manufacturing Company
  • Bowers, Dure & Company
  • Osgood Bradley Car Company
  • Brandon Car Company
  • Briggs Carriage Company
  • J. G. Brill Company
  • Brinkley Car & Mfg. Co.
  • Brownell & Wight / Brownell Car Company
  • Buffalo Car Company
  • Buffalo Car Works (Townsend & Coit)
  • California Car Works (J.S. Hammond & Company)
  • Canada Car & Manufacturing
  • Carter Brothers, Builders
  • Casebolt & Van Gulpin
  • Thomas Castor Carriage Works
  • Central Locomotive & Car Works
  • Central Transportation Company
  • Chattanooga Car & Foundry
  • Chicago Car & Locomotive Works
  • Chicago, New York & Boston Refrigerator Company
  • Cincinnati Car Company
  • Cobourg Car Company
  • Columbia Steel Car Company
  • Crossen Car Manufacturing Company
  • Cummings Car and Coach Company (Mc-Guire Cummings)
  • Danville Car Company
  • Davenport & Bridges
  • Dayton Car Works (Barney & Smith)
  • Dean, Packard & Mills, Car Manufacturers
  • Delaware Car Works (Jackson & Sharp)
  • Detroit Car Company
  • Detroit Car & Manufacturing Company
  • Dure Car Manufacturing Company
  • Eaton, Gilbert & Company
  • Elliott Car Company
  • Elmira Car Works
  • Empire Car Works
  • Ensign Manufacturing Company
  • Erie Car Works
  • Etna Car Works (Billmeyer & Small)
  • Fairbanks, Morse & Company
  • Fales & Gray
  • M. Feigel & Son
  • J. P. Flanders & Company
  • Gilbert Car Company
  • Goodwin Car Company
  • Grice & Long
  • Grove Car Works (Fales & Gray)
  • Gunderson, Inc.
  • Gunn & Black (Brinkley Car Works & Manufacturing Company)
  • J. Hammond & Company
  • Harlan & Hollingsworth
  • Harrisburg Car Company
  • Hicks Locomotive & Car Works
  • Hicks Stock Car Company
  • Jackson & Sharp
  • Jackson & Woodin
  • Jewett Car Company
  • J.M. Jones' Sons
  • Junction Car Works (Murphy & Allison)
  • Kilby Locomotive & Machine / Kilby Car & Foundry
  • Kimball & Davenport
  • Kimball Carriage & Car Mfg. Company
  • Koppel (Koppel Car Co., Arthur Koppel Car Co., Arthur Koppel Industries, Koppel Industrial Car & Equipment Co. Orenstein-Arthur Koppel Co. Orenstein & Koppel Co.)
  • G. C. Kuhlman Car Company
  • Laclede Car Company
  • Laconia Car Company
  • Lafayette Car Works
  • A. Latham & Company
  • Lenoir City Car Company
  • Madison Car Company (Missouri Car & Foundry)
  • Magor Car Company
  • Manchester Locomotive Works
  • Mann Boudoir Car Company
  • Mathews-Davis Railway Motor Company
  • McGuire-Cummings Car Company
  • McKeen Motor Car Company
  • McLean (McLean & Wright / McLean & Fleck / McLean, Wright & Co.)
  • Memphis Car & Foundry
  • Michigan Car Company
  • Michigan-Peninsular Car Company
  • Middletown Car Works (Company)
  • Milton Car Works (Murray, Dougal & Company)
  • Minerva Car Works (Pennock Bros.)
  • Missouri Car & Foundry Company
  • Mount Vernon Car Manufacturing Company
  • Murphy & Allison
  • Murray, Dougal & Company
  • National Car Company
  • National Steel Car Company
  • Nettleton & Bartlett
  • New England Car Company
  • Newhall, George T.
  • New Haven Car Company
  • Niles Car and Manufacturing Company
  • Ohio Falls Car Company
  • Pacific Car & Foundry
  • Patten Car Company
  • Peninsular Car Company
  • Pennock Bros.
  • Philadelphia Car Works, subsidiary of (J.G. Brill)
  • Pressed Steel Car Company
  • Prosser Twin Cylinder Car Company
  • Pullmans Palace Car Company
  • Ranlett Manufacturing Company
  • Robbins & Lawrence
  • Robbins Cylindrical Steel Car Company
  • St. Charles Car Company
  • St. Louis Car Company
  • Schall & King
  • H.H. Scoville & Sons d/b/a Chicago Car & Locomotive Works
  • Sheffield Velocipede Car Co.
  • Smith & Perkins Locomotive Works
  • Southern Car Company
  • Southern Car & Foundry
  • Springfield Car & Engine
  • Standard Steel Car Company
  • The Steel Car Company
  • John Stephenson Car Company
  • Taunton Car Company/Taunton Locomotive Works
  • Terre Haute Car & Manufacturing Co
  • Perley A. Thomas Car Works
  • Tiffany Refrigerator Car Company
  • Toronto Car Factory (McLean)
  • Townsend & Coit
  • Tracy & Fales
  • Twohy Brothers Company
  • Union Car Company (Depew, NY)
  • Union Palace Car Company
  • United States Car Company
  • United States Car Company (Boston)
  • United States Rolling Stock Company
  • Virginia Locomotive & Car Works (Smith & Perkins)
  • Wagner Place Car Company
  • Wason Manufacturing Company
  • Wells & French
  • Western Steel Car & Foundry
  • Whipple Car Company
  • Wilmington Car Works (Bowers, Dure & Company)
  • Woeber Bros. Carriage Company
  • Wonham-Magor Engineering Works
  • T.T. Woodruff & Company
  • Woodruff Sleeping & Palace Car Company
  • Woodruff Sleeping & Parlor Coach Company
  • York Car Works (Billmeyer & Small)

Also, I have been making sure that agencies get the proper addition to listed categories, when necessary. Some category lists such as Category:New York transit agencies and Category:Defunct New York transit agencies are excellent tools, especially when you may not have the correct name of an agency inserted in a search string.

Agencies that I've ridden (and routes, if remembered)

Note: Wikipedia pages are provided for articles that have not yet been written here.

National Rail Systems

Long Distance Bus Systems

Local Systems

New York

Ontario, Canada



Bolded routes are used multiple times a week. Italicized routes are defunct.


a brief selection of books I have, or media that I have read or studied from

Author: William R. Gordon

  • Ninety-Four Years of Rochester Railways (2 volumes), William R. Gordon, 1975
  • Ninety Years of Buffalo Railways, William R. Gordon, 1970
  • Rochester Horse Cars and Trolley Cars - 1862-1941, William R. Gordon, 1975
  • Rochester, Lockport and Buffalo R R, 1908-1931, William R. Gordon, 1964
  • The Route of the Orange Limited, William R. Gordon, 1953
  • The Royal Blue Line - Rochester and Sodus Bay Railway Company, William R. Gordon

Author: Harold E. Cox

  • The Birney Car, Harold E. Cox, 1964
  • PCC Cars of North America, Harold E. Cox, 1963
  • Wyoming Valley Trolleys, Harold E. Cox, 1988


  • Buffalo's Historic Streetcars and Buses (Images of America-New York), D. David Bregger, 2008
  • Chocolate Town Trolleys, Richard A. Steinmetz, 1967
  • Greater Wyoming Valley Trolleys, Harrison Wick, 2009
  • The Last Decade of Buffalo Trolleys, Harold J. Ahlstrom, 1973
  • The Liberty Bell Route's 800 Series Interurbans - History and Roster, Lehigh Valley Chapter-NRHS, Inc., 1958
  • The New York State Railway, Sheldon King, 1970
  • Toonervilles of the Susquehanna, Gene D. Gordon, 1953
  • Toonervilles of the Empire State, Felix E. Reifschneider, 1947

Books I'm looking for/interested in

  • Elmira & Chemung Valley Trolleys in the Southern Tier, William R. Gordon
  • Elmira Trolleys, Sheldon King
  • Here Comes the Trolley! - Trolley Cars in Utica, NY
  • Lehigh Valley Transit Company - St. Louis Cars, History and Roster
  • The Liberty Bell Route's HEAVY INTERURBAN Cars, History and Roster
  • The Liberty Bell Route's 1000 Series Interurban Cars, History and Roster
  • The Liberty Bell Route's 700 Series Interurban Cars, History and Roster
  • Rochester Syracuse and Eastern Travelectric, William R. Gordon and James R. McFarlane
  • Street Railways of Harrisburg, Harold E. Cox and Richard Steinmetz
  • Valley Railways - Trolleys on the Harrisburg West Shore
  • Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton Railway

Web media

Vehicle brands/models I've ridden





Of note: with frequent visits to Toronto since 1987, Darrin has STILL not remembered being on a Toronto (or any other city's) PCC streetcar.

Airlines that I have flown (and routes)

Things I'd like to see (transportation-wise) in my lifetime

  • Buffalo/Niagara region: creation of 24-hour service on at least routes 4, 5, 8, 12/13, 20, 23, 24, 40.
  • Buffalo/Niagara region: ability to connect NFTA-Metro with the Canadian systems GO Transit, Fort Erie Transit, and Niagara Falls Transit.
  • Niagara region: fold Niagara Region Transit into GO Transit, offer similar service patterns, and add Sunday service.
  • Niagara region: expand PRESTO Card into the Niagara region agencies.
  • Buffalo/Rochester area: find ways of linking NFTA with RTS-Genesee, RTS-Wyoming.
  • Buffalo/Niagara: see a "Presto" style transit card implemented (it's coming, believe it or not!)
  • Buffalo/Niagara: see a commuter-rail system set up between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, Lockport (new build), Depew-Lancaster-Townline-Alden-Batavia and Attica, West Seneca-East Aurora.
  • Buffalo/Niagara: see a limited-stop route created between University Station and Downtown Niagara Falls or Niagara Transit Center, using Niagara Falls Blvd.
  • Buffalo/Niagara: more frequent service on heavily traveled routes. Fifteen minute intervals may be improved to every ten minutes or better? Specifically directed at routes 5, 20, 23, among others.
  • Buffalo/Niagara: see completion of the North Campus extension (in some form) to the Metro Rail line. In addition, I'd also like to see expansions to the rail system on an Airport line, a Tonawandas line (through to Niagara Falls), a Niagara Falls tourist trolley line, and a Southtowns line through the waterfront. A belt line from Buffalo State College or Delaware Consumer Square through to the east side of Buffalo would tie most of the services together.

Agencies I'm frequently working with (and their subpages)

Wiki Markup

I find the "highlight and drag" method extremely easy.

<font color="red">: for red colored text, close with </font>
<font color="green">: for green colored text </font>
<font color="blue">: for blue colored text </font>
<font color="white">: for white colored text </font>
bgcolor="eeeeee": grey background color - shading used for retired vehicles in fleet listings, when listed as all-time list.
bgcolor="cceeee": light blue background color - shading used to distinguish seperation of orders on VIN listings.
<references/>: adding code for references section of article.
<ref>Insert reference here</ref>: to add reference to article. Note: place after period if there's a period used.

Clipart files that I am frequently working with

Wifi-logo.png [[File:Wifi-logo.png|20px]]: ties in with [[Category:Agencies offering Wi-Fi on their coaches]]
Wc15.JPG [[Image:Wc15.JPG|20px]]: ties in with wheelchair lift equipped coaches.
Bicycle rack equipped route [[Image:Bicycle icon.png|26px|Bicycle rack equipped route]]: ties in with bicycle equipped vehicles.
CNG logo.jpg [[File:CNG logo.jpg|20px]]: used to convey CNG-fueled buses.
Check Mark.png [[Image:Check Mark.png|20px]]: check mark used in some tables.
Red-X.png [[File:Red-X.png|20px]]: red "x" used in some tables.
Ea15.gif [[Image:Ea15.gif|20px]]: kneeling bus
Flag of the United States.png [[Image:Flag of the United States.png|28px]]
Flag of Canada.png [[Image:Flag of Canada.png|28px]]
Flag of Germany.png [[File:Flag of Germany.png|28px]]
Flag of Netherlands.png [[File:Flag of Netherlands.png|28px]]
Flag of Cuba.png [[File:Flag of Cuba.png|28px]]

Templates that I am frequently working with:

Niagara Frontier Rapid Transit Plan [[Template:Niagara Frontier Rapid Transit Plan]]
Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority [[Template:Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority]]
International Railway Company [[Template:International Railway Company]]

Categories that I am adding, as necessary:

  • [[Category:Agencies offering real-time bus trackers on their official websites]]
  • [[Category:New York coach operators]]
  • [[Category:Defunct New York coach operators]]
  • [[Category:New York transit agencies]]
  • [[Category:Defunct New York transit agencies]]
  • [[Category:Pennsylvania transit agencies]]
  • [[Category:Defunct Pennsylvania transit agencies]]
  • [[Category:Agencies offering Wi-Fi on their coaches]]
  • [[Category:Public transportation in the United Kingdom]]

Citation templates

Here is a selection of books (incomplete) that are referenced on occasion. Cut and paste in the editor to get the proper reference, using MLA formatting.

  • <ref>Richard A. Steinmetz and Harold E. Cox, ''Street Railways of Harrisburg''</ref>

Upcoming projects I'm attempting to accomplish

  • Trips to capture photos of the following agencies (in near future):
    • Batavia, NY: RTS-Genesee
    • Rochester, NY: RTS-Monroe
    • Albion/Medina, NY: RTS-Orleans
    • Warsaw, NY: RTS-Wyoming
    • Sanborn/Lockport, NY: Rural Niagara Public Transportation
    • Dunkirk/Jamestown/Fredonia, NY: Chautauqua CARTS
    • Belmont, NY: Access Allegany
    • Olean, NY: Olean Area Transit System
    • Corning, NY: Corning/Erwin Area Transit System
    • Bath, NY: Stueben County Transit
    • Hornell, NY: Hornell Area Transit
    • Fort Erie, ON: Fort Erie Transit
    • Niagara Region, ON: Niagara Region Transit
    • Niagara on the Lake, ON: Niagara on the Lake Transit
    • St Catharines, ON: St Catharines Transit
    • Welland, ON: Welland Transit (hoping to catch the New Flyer Invero's before they're retired!)
    • Niagara Falls, ON: Niagara Falls Transit -and- WEGO Visitor Transportation, among others.
  • Trips to capture photos of the following agencies (in not-so-near future):
    • Scranton, PA: County of Lackawanna Transit System
    • Wilkes-Barre, PA: Luzerne County Transit Authority & Hazleton Public Transit
    • Pottsville/Shenandoah, PA: Schuylkill Transit System
    • Mt Carmel, PA: Lower Anthracite Transit System
    • Lebanon, PA: Lebanon Transit
    • Harrisburg, PA: Capital Area Transit
    • York/Gettysburg, PA: Rabbit Transit/Freedom Transit
    • Binghamton, NY: Broome County Transit


More information coming soon!