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Toronto Transit Commission TTC1 is a 1998 model Prevost LeMirage XL-45 conversion coach used as the Command Bus. The Command Bus is used as an activity centre for special situations such as emergencies. TTC1 replaced 572, a 1975 MCI MC-8, which suffered a major rear structural failure in 2004. The TTC looked at using a retired transit bus or coach bus for a new Command Bus, but determined a secondhand purpose-built conversion would be most cost effective.[1]. The purchase of TTC1 was approved at the June 22, 2005 commission meeting.[2]. The coach made its public debut at the 2006 Roadeo. This bus is currently stored at Eglinton Division

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Detroit Diesel Series 60 Allison B500 Couches and task chairs None


Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Garage Notes
TTC1 Toronto Transit Commission TTC1-a.jpg November 1997 2PCE33494W1026444 BM2 739 Eglinton


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