Toronto Transit Commission 2150-2155

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Interior layout of 2150-2155.

Toronto Transit Commission 2150-2155 were GMDD T6H-5307N "New Look" buses built between 1975 and 1977.

Buses Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
2150, 2152-2155 Detroit Diesel 6V71N 181 bhp @ 2000 rpm Allison V730 3 speed 39 Otaco benches Luminator Matrix:MAX
2151 Allison VH-9 2 speed


Heavy Rebuild Program

In the 1990s, the TTC was experiencing increased ridership, but did not have the funding to purchase new buses. The Bus Heavy Rebuild Program was created in 1995 as a solution to renewing their bus fleet. The TTC settled on rebuilding buses at the 6-year and 12-year mark. Two years later, the TTC expanded the rebuild program to include buses that had reached the end of their 18-year life expectancy. A total of 535 buses were rebuilt between 1997 and 2004 as part of the program. To mark their refurbishment and life extension, buses outshopped from the Heavy Rebuild Program were renumbered in the 2000-series.

This series of buses is composed of GMDD New Look buses built from 1975 to 1977. The TTC intended to put more older units through the rebuild program, but ultimately only six were completed. Buses for this batch of rebuilds came from the following series: 8010-8117, 8140-8158, and 8160-8204. They were rebuilt between 1997 and 2000, and were renumbered in the order that they were rebuilt.

The buses received a full mechanical and structural overhaul. They also received a number of other features. The driver's area was enlarged, which took up one passenger seat, and a blacked-out effect acrylic divider was installed in order to accommodate the new, larger driver's seat. The steering wheel was also replaced with a more modern one and power steering was added to assist drivers. Passenger bench seats had their black vinyl with rose vinyl trim upholstery replaced with brown vinyl. The unique seating layout with more forward facing seats in the rear section was retained. The buses received a fresh coat of paint giving them the TTC's current livery.


Due to their older age, buses in this series did not last as long as other rebuilt New Looks, and were mostly retired in 2005. 2153 was the last unit to retire, in April 2017.


Fleet number Thumbnail Date Serial License plate Garage Status/Disposal Notes
2150 November 1976 C1807 BJ8 832
(prev. BJ4 854)
August 2004
2151 August 1975 C1415 BJ8 837
(prev. BC1 211)
April 2005
2152 October 1977 C2080 BL2 433
(prev. BJ8 849)
July 2005
2153 Toronto Transit Commission 2153-a.jpg October 1977 C2079 BJ8 864 Malvern Retired
April 2007
2154 October 1977 C2082 BJ8 887
(prev. BJ4 855)
April 2005
  • Ex-8166.
  • Involved in accident in September 2004; returned to service in October 2004.
2155 October 1977 C2085 BK1 734
(prev. BJ4 856)
February 2005