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The British Columbia Ministry of Transportation used to operate ferries along the coast of British Columbia. In 1985 to save money and create efficient for coastal service the Provincial Government merge with [[BC Ferries]] in 1985.
*[[BC Ferries Kelsey Bay - Beaver Cove - Sointula - Alert Bay - Port McNeill - Port Alice|Kelsey Bay - Northern Vancouver Island]] (Cancelled in 1977)
*[[BC Ferries Darrell Bay - Woodfibre| Darrell Bay - Woodfibre]] (Cancalled)
*[[BC Ferries route 17 Comox - Powell River|Comox - Powell River]] (Still operating)
*[[BC Ferries route 18 Powell River - Texada Island|Powell River - Texada Island]] (Still operating)
*[[BC Ferries route 19 Nanaimo Harbour - Gabriola Island|Nanaimo Harbour - Gabriola Island]] (Still operating)
*[[BC Ferries route 20 Chemainus - Thetis - Penelakut|Chemainus - Thetis - Penelakut]] (Still operating)
*[[BC Ferries route 21 Buckley Bay - Denman Island West|Buckley Bay - Denman Island West]] (Still Operating)
*[[BC Ferries route 22 Denman Island - Hornby Island|Denman Island - Hornby Island]] (Still Operating)
*[[BC Ferries route 23 Campbell River - Quadra Island|Campbell River - Quadra Island]] (Still Operating)
* [[BC Ferries route 24 Quadra Island - Cortes Island|Quadra Island - Cortes Island]] (Still Operating)
* [[BC Ferries route 25 Port McNiell - Alert Bay - Sointula|Port McNiell - Alert Bay - Sointula]] (Still Operating)
* [[BC Ferries route 26 Skidegate - Alliford Bay|Skidegate - Alliford Bay]] (Still Operating)
===Transferred to [[BC Ferries]]===
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