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West Vancouver Municipal Transit 74-75

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'''[[West Vancouver Municipal Transit]]74-75''''s 1968 were [[General Motors Diesel Division|GMDD]] [[GMC General Motors T6H-5306|T6H-5306]] "[[New Look]]" buses built in 1968. Under the [[BC Transit|Bureau of Transit Services]], these buses were delivered assigned provincial fleet numbers 5491-5492; as 74 and 75they only operated in West Vancouver, they never wore their provincial numbers.
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!Differential!Seated Capacity!Seat Type!Rear Door!Interior Style![[Workstation refit]]Seating
!Destination Sign
|- align="center"
|[[Detroit Diesel]] [[Detroit Diesel Series 71|6V71N]]
|[[Allison]] [[Allison V Series|VH9VH]]||45 |OTA 220 Bench|none as built 2 pc treadle installed in 1986|: [[File:Wvint-a.jpgAmerican Seating|128pxOtaco]]|noOTA220 bench
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!1st no.![[1964=1995 Greater Vancouver Fleet Numbering System|Renumbers]]!Last no.number
![[Vehicle Identification Number|VIN]]Serial![[UPF]] #License plate
 |- align="center" id="5491"|74||''5491''
|[[General Motors New Look Serials#T6H-5306-C001-C002|C001]]|5491
|<font color="red">Retired</font>
*assigned to [[West Vancouver Municipal Transit]] as 70
*to ?? as 5491
*retired by 1994
|- align="center"
|<font color="red">Retired</font><br>by 1994| align="left"|*Assigned to [[West Vancouver Municipal Transit|West Vancouver]] as 74.|- align="center" id="5492"|''5492''
|[[General Motors New Look Serials#T6H-5306-C001-C002|C002]]|5492
|<font color="red">Retired</font><br>by 1994|align="left"|*assigned Assigned to [[West Vancouver Municipal Transit|West Vancouver]] as 75*to?? as 5492*retired by 1994|- align="center".
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