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Can-Ar Coach Service 2801-2804

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'''[[Can-ar Coach Service|Tokmakjian Inc.]] 2801-2804''' are [[ElDorado National|ElDorado]] [[ElDorado National E-Z Rider II MAX|E-Z Rider II MAX]] buses built in 2008-and 2009. They were originally delivered to [[Medicine Hat Transit]] as [[Medicine Hat Transit 781-783 (2nd)|781-782]] and [[Medicine Hat Transit 784, 785 (2nd)|784-785]], and . Tokmakjian acquired by Tokmakjian the buses in January 2016. along with 783 , which was also acquired and sent assigned to TOK Transit's contract with [[Fort Erie Transit]] as [[Fort Erie Transit 3208|3208]].
These buses are currently used on the [[Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Shuttle]], when . Tokmakjian took over the contract from [[Pacific Western Transportation]] in April 2016.
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