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The Quinsam class contains a single vessel owned and operated by BC Ferries. It was built in 1982 by Vancouver Shipyards in North Vancouver, BC for the BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways. Its design is based on a larger capacity version of Quinitsa.

Designed for short commuter trips, Quinsam has relatively few passenger amenities. It has one vehicle deck, with small passenger lounges on either side of the vehicle deck. The bridge is suspended over the vehicle deck.


Built 1982, Vancouver
Home base Gabriola Island
Route(s) served 19

Quinsam is the only vessel in the Quinsam class.[1]

Quinsam was ordered to replace Quinitsa, which was too small to accommodate growing traffic on the Nanaimo Harbour - Gabriola Island route. Quinsam joined the BC Ferries fleet in 1985 when all Ministry of Transportation saltwater operations were transferred to BC Ferries. It received a midlife refit in 2011, receiving refurbished passenger accommodations, new engines, and an upgraded bridge. It continues to operate on 19.[2]

With two new Island-class ferries scheduled to be deployed to route 19 in early 2022, Quinsam will be shifted to route 6, allowing for the retirement of Bowen Queen.

Engines Max speed Length Displacement Vehicle capacity Passenger capacity
2,601 hp 12.0 knots 89.84 m 1,431 tonnes 63 autos 400


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