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Sound Transit route 555 'Issaquah / Northgate'

Sound Transit route 555 'Issaquah / Northgate' is wheelchair accessible.
Current routing of 555 as of March 2019

555 Bellevue/Northgate is an express bus route operated by Sound Transit in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. This route is operated by King County Metro under contract[1].


Route Details

This east-west express bus route runs between Northgate and Bellevue via SR-520 and Montlake. The route shares a similar service area as 556 Issaquah/Northgate. This is a peak period only route with morning peak service eastbound to Bellevue and afternoon peak service westbound to Northgate. Service frequencies run approximately every 15-30 minutes.

Route Stops

Towards Northgate

  • Bellevue Transit Center (Bay 5)
  • Yarrow Point Freeway Station WB (SR-520 & 92nd Ave)
  • Evergreen Point Freeway Station WB (SR-520 & Evergreen Point Rd)
  • Montlake Freeway Station WB (SR-520 & Montlake Blvd)
  • Northgate Transit Center (Bay 1)

Towards Issaquah

  • Northgate Transit Center (Bay 4)
  • Montlake Freeway Station EB (SR-520 & Montlake Blvd)
  • Evergreen Point Freeway Station EB (SR-520 & Evergreen Point Rd)
  • Yarrow Point Freeway Station EB (SR-520 & 92nd Ave)
  • Bellevue Transit Center (Bay 8)


  • September 2001 - Route introduced[2]
  • September 2006 - Route revised to bring more service to the Factoria area[2]
  • June 2009 - Route modified to operate between Eastgate and Downtown Bellevue by I-90 and Bellevue Way[2]
  • March 2019 - Section between Issaquah Highlands P&R and Bellevue TC discontinued due to low ridership