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The SkyTrain, officially the British Columbia Rapid Transit Co. Ltd, is a light rail, rapid transit system serving Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. The system runs mainly on elevated track and is fully automated. Stations are monitored by attendants.

Rolling stock

Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Motor Notes
001-056 1984 UTDC ICTS MK I
061-118 1985 UTDC ICTS MK I
121-136 1991 UTDC ICTS MK I
137-156 1995 UTDC ICTS MK I
201-260 2001-2002 Bombardier ART MK II
301-348 2009-2010 Bombardier ART MK II Feature current Translink livery and interior (includes new seating, LED map, CCTV cameras)[1]



  1. Pabillano, Jhenifer. "Improved interiors for the new SkyTrain cars!" The Buzzer blog. Translink. 6 May 2009. Web. Retrieved on 04 February 2013.