Prevost Car LeMirage XL

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Prevost LeMirage XL
Prevost LeMirage XL
Years of manufacture 1983 to 1995
Length 40 feet
Width 102 inches

The Prevost Car LeMirage XL is similar to the Prevost Car LeMirage but with a wider body (102 inch). Unlike the LeMirage which had rounded head lights, the LeMirage XL had square head lights. In late 1987, Halogen headlights were added and the front and rear light assemblies were restyled.

Introduced in 1985, a sightseer roof window option was offered and called the Astral XL. Only 18 of them were built, including four demonstrator units, in 1985 and 1988.





  • 280"


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