Nova Bus RTS

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Nova Bus RTS
Standard front door
Toronto Transit Commission 7238-a.jpg
Wide front door
Years of manufacture 1994 to 2002
Length 30, 35, 40 feet
Width 96, 102 inches

TMC sold the RTS design and patents to Nova Bus in September 1994 in the midst of an order for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Production under Nova Bus continued until 2002 when Nova Bus left the U.S. market. On December 15th, 2003, Millennium Transit Services acquired the RTS assets from Nova and continues to build their version of the RTS.

The RTS built by Nova continued to use a welded stainless steel modular frame. The majority of the body panels were stainless steel with the remaining using fibreglass or composite materials. The majority of the RTS buses produced used the traditional V-drive powertrain layout. However in the late 1990s, Nova developed a T-drive version of the RTS-06. One of the five-foot modules that made up the RTS, was divided in half to allow for more space behind the rear wheels.

Models produced by Nova Bus

The RTS can be broken down into two categories.

Nova Bus
LFS Transit · LFS Suburban · LFS Shuttle · LFS HEV · LFS Natural Gas · LFSe · LFSe+ · LFS Artic · LFX
RTS-06 · RTS-06 WFD
Classic TC40-102N · TC60-102N