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Naming Conventions are a list of guidelines on how to appropriately create and name pages.

The following naming conventions are to be used in the creation of pages on the CPTDB Wiki.

Any complaints concerning the Naming Conventions should be directed to the Administrators' Noticeboard

Aviation pages

Bus pages

Transit Agencies


All transit agency pages are to have the name of the agency spelt out in full, no abbreviations. The ony time abbreviations can be used in links to the appropriate transit agency page.
For Example: Toronto Transit Commission must be used in the title of the page but may have the abbreviation TTC only when linking to the Toronto Transit Commission page.

Bus Models


All bus model pages are to include the manufacturer in the title.
For example: General Motors T6H-5307N - General Motors being the manufacturer, T6H-5307N being the model.

Bus Rosters


Bus roster pages are to be titled with the transit agency name plus the fleet numbers.
For example Durham Region Transit 8401-8430

Bus Routes


Bus routes are to include the transit agency in the title.
For example: Toronto Transit Commission route 116 'Morningside' includes the full name of the transit agency, the route number, and the route name.

Maritime pages

Railway pages

Locomotive Models


All locomotive model pages are to include the manufacturer in the title.
For example: General Motors Electro-Motive Division F40PH series - General Motors Electro-Motive Division being the manufacturer, F40PH being the series.




Photographs are to be named with the transit agency and the fleet number in the title.
There should also be a suffix added after the fleet number to allow for more than one photo of the same vehicle to be uploaded.
For example: Mississauga Transit 0109-a.jpg
DO NOT upload a new image and replace an already used suffix
No thumbnails are to be uploaded as photos may be used for other pages where a larger size is required.