Ministry of Transportation Inland Ferries Francois Lake - Southbank

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Francois Lake - Southbank
Type of Route

Conventional vessels

Contract operator Waterbridge Equipment Ltd.
Terminals Francois Lake


Vessel based out of Southbank Francois Forester
Sailing takes 15 minutes
First and last sailing out of Southbank 5:30 am *
10:30 am *
*year round
First and last sailing out of Francois Lake 5:55 am *
11:00 pm *
* year round

This route is contract out Waterbridge Equipment Ltd. by British Columbia Ministry of Transportation Inland Ferries with subsidy from Province of British Columbia.

Route Details

This route crosses Francois Lake.

Number of sailing

  • 20 sailing on Monday to Friday excluding July and August
  • 19 sailing on Saturday & Sunday include Monday to Friday in July and August

How to determine will the vessel is?

50 minutes frequency from each terminal. 8:00 am from Southbank and 3:45 pm from Francois Lake only occur on school days.


In 1983 a 34 passengers and 200 passengers vessel named Omineca Princess. Commercial vehicles traffic overwhelm the current vessel so the Ministry of Transportation needed a new vessel. 52 vehicles and 150 passengers per sailing was built named Francois Foroster.


Unknown planned.