Ministry of Transportation Inland Ferries Balfour - Kootenay Bay

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Balfour - Kootenay Bay
Type of Route

Conventional vessels

Contract operator Western Pacific Marine
Terminals Balfour

Kootenay Bay

Vessel based out of Balfour Osprey 2000
Relief and additional summer support vessel based out of Balfour Balfour
Sailing takes 35 minutes
First and last sailing out of [[Balfour 6:30 am *
10:40 am **
5:20 pm **
9:40 pm*
*year round
**third week of June to September long weekend
First and last sailing out of Kootenay Bay 7:10 am *
11:30 am **
6:10 pm **
10:20 pm *
*year round
**third week of June to September long weekend

This route is contract out Western Pacific Marine with subsidy from Province of British Columbia.

Route Details

This route crosses Kootenay Lake from Balfour to Kootenay Loop. The Balfour will operate from third week of June to September long week or when Osprey 2000 is in for refit or low water times.

Number of sailings

  • 10 sailing between September Long weekend and third week of June.
  • 15 sailing between third week of June and September long weekend.

How to determine will the vessel is?

The frequency of the route is 100 minutes between each in summers the vessels will depart at the same time.


In 1946 the Ministry of Transportation launched the 40 vehicles and 150 passengers per sailing named the SS Anscomb to service the new terminal on lake called the Balfour and Kootenay Bay. In 1954 a secondary vessel which could carry 28 vehicles and 150 passengers per sailing named the Balfour. [1] These two vessels lasted for 46 years. In 2000 a new vessel which double the main vessel capacity to 80 vehicles and 250 passengers per sailing named the Osprey 2000.


A 55 vehicle hybrid vessel will replace the Balfour.


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