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Metro Transit buses 911-920 were 1987 GMDD TC40-102N Classic models. They were the last GMDD buses purchased by Metro Transit before production shifted to MCI. All of these buses are now retired.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison V731 Luminator MAX


Thumbnail VIN Current Livery License Plate Status/Disposal Notes
911 2GHYT82JXH3500115   70-911-C Retired in 2008?
912 2GHYT82J1H3500116   70-912-C Retired in April 2007
913 2GHYT82J3H3500117   70-913-C Retired in May 2004
914 2GHYT82J5H3500118   70-914-C Retired in July 2006
915 2GHYT82J7H3500119   70-915-C Retired in Spring 2004
916 2GHYT82J3H3500120   70-916-C Retired in July 2007
917 2GHYT82J5H3500121   70-917-C Retired in Spring 2006
918 2GHYT82J7H3500122   70-918-C Retired in September 2003 Had a Metro Transit "Ride the Green Machine" painted ad (full bus) in 1992.
919 2GHYT82J9H3500123   70-919-C Retired in 2007?
920 2GHYT82J0H3500124   70-920-C Retired in November 1992

Scrapped due to damage from a fire in the garage.