IC Bus CE Series

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IC Bus CE Series
IC Bus CE Series
Years of manufacture 2000 to present
Length 16'2" to 34'11"
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel, Diesel Electric Hybrid
IC Corporation CE Series
CE Series Activity Bus
IC Corporation CE Series

The IC Bus CE Series is a high floor type-C bus with an integrated chassis and body. It is primarily used in school bus applications, as well as some commercial applications. The bus was originally introduced by International Bus as the IC ("integrated chassis") in 2000. International had previously acquired body manufacturer AmTran and developed a new body design.

The IC used the International 3800 chassis. The front end received a different grill with vertical openings instead of horizontal. The IC was renamed CE in 2002, with International Bus taking the name IC Corporation. In 2005, IC Corporation introduced the new 3300 chassis. The front end had restyled fenders, headlights, and grill.

The chassis uses all-steel cage construction. The three-piece "Easy Tilt" hood allows for easy access to the engine compartment. The body of the CE uses 16-gauge steel side sheets.


The CE Series is available in two models: CE200 and CE300. The difference between the two is the size of the engine used. The CE300 always uses the larger engine. However in recent years this nomenclature was dropped as only one diesel engine is now available, the Cummins ISB (VIN code C8).



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