Halifax Transit route 59 'Colby'

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59 Colby
Halifax Transit Logo.png
Created 1980
Types of Busses Used New Flyer D40LF
Nova Bus LFS Artic
Number of Branches 1
Route Type Local
Distance -
Ridership (2020) 360 (Weekdays)
Mid-day/Evening every 60 minutes
Peak periods inactive
Late Night every 60 minutes
Saturdays every 60 minutes
Sunday/Holidays every 60 minutes

Halifax Transit route 59 'Colby' services the Colby Village area of Cole Harbour. The route terminates at the Portland Hills Terminal.

The route is part of the high frequency Portland Corridor along with the routes 61 and 68, providing a combined 10 minute (or better) service between the Portland Hills Terminal and Bridge Terminal (20 minutes on weekends)

Alternate routing during rush hour Alternate rush hour routing

During rush hour, the route is extended into downtown Halifax via Barrington Street and Spring Garden Road, servicing the Scotia Square terminal and terminating on Summer Street outside the Halifax Infirmary.

Terminals and Major Stops

The route 59 services the following terminals and major stops:

Destination Signs

Destination Sign Description
Colby Village