Halifax Transit Penhorn Terminal

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Location Penhorn Mall
Portland Street
Number of routes 10

Halifax Transit's Penhorn Terminal is located at the Penhorn Mall on Portland Street in Dartmouth. The terminal consists of a long island platform accessible from the mall driveways, with separate bus stops and bus bays along the length. There are four stops on each side of the terminal, with inbound buses typically stopping on one side and outbound on the other; however there are some exceptions. The inbound and outbound routes 56 and 57 both stop on the same side of the terminal. In addition, a single bus stop is located on Portland Street for the inbound MetroLink route 159, so it doesn't have to enter the terminal. The outbound 159 does however have to enter the terminal.

The Penhorn Mall itself was actually demolished, with the final section of the mall demolished in 2011. In place of the Wal-Mart building, a new Sobeys grocery store was constructed, with a Goodlife Fitness centre attached, and a small strip mall next to it. The Sears department store, which was original to the site, remains. It was also announced that the bus terminal will be moved and rebuilt at some point, possibly being expanded as well, as overcrowding during the morning rush hour is currently a problem at this terminal.


  • Separate glass shelters are provided at each bus stop, however there are no benches in the shelters
  • Wooden benches are supplied at various locations along the platform

Routes servicing this terminal

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