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|- align="center" id="1330"
|- align="center" id="1330"
|[[File:Greyhound Canada 1330-a.jpg|128px]]
|[[Motor Coach Industries D4505 '6 VINs'#6P057049|1M86DMPA86P057049]]
|[[Motor Coach Industries D4505 '6 VINs'#6P057049|1M86DMPA86P057049]]

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Greyhound Canada 1327-1333 are Motor Coach Industries D4505 coaches built in 2006. They were acquired used from Hotard Coaches.

1327-1330 previously had decals for Greyhound's Ne-On service. After Greyhound Canada ceased operating Ne-On service in Fall 2011, 1327-1329 were wrapped for Western University, while 1330 retained its Ne-On decals for a few years later.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel Series 60 none


Fleet number Thumbnail Year VIN [1] License plate Livery Status Notes
1327 Greyhound Canada 1327-a.jpg 2006 1M86DMPA96P057027 Alberta E-58463
(prev. G-94153)
Special Active
1328 Greyhound Canada 1328-a.jpg 2006 1M86DMPA26P057029 Alberta G-99152 Special Active
1329 Greyhound Canada 1329.jpg 2006 1M86DMPA66P057048 Alberta G-46593 Special Active
1330 Greyhound Canada 1330-a.jpg 2006 1M86DMPA86P057049 Alberta H-63314 Greyhound (Navy) Active
1331 Greyhound Canada 1331-a.jpg 2006 1M86DMPA46P057050 Greyhound Active
1332 Greyhound Canada 1332-a.jpg 2006 1M86DMPA56P056943 Alberta K-85696
(prev. G-46596)
Greyhound Active
1333 2006 1M86DMPA86P057200 Alberta J-31571 Greyhound Active


  1. Bus Industry Magazine Vol. 23 No. 89 (June 2009)