Foothill Transit F2001-F2003

Foothill Transit F2001-F2003 is wheelchair accessible.

Foothill Transit F2001-F2003 were 2010 Proterra EcoRide BE35 buses built in 2010. Foothill Transit nicknames these buses "Ecoliners".

F2001-F2003 were notable in that they were the first battery-electric buses built and delivered to a customer by Proterra. They were also among the earliest full-size, heavy duty electric buses to have been acquired by a transit agency in the United States. Each bus cost approximately $1.2 million and were paid for by federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds. F2001-2003 entered service in September 2010 on the route 291. They were replaced by the 2022 New Flyer XHE40 buses in late 2022, though all had been sidelined out of revenue service for some years at that point.

Motor Transmission Seating Destination Sign
UQM PowerPhase 150 Borg Warner eGearDrive 35 American Seating InSight TwinVision



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VIN License Plate(s) Status/Disposal Notes
F2001   Mar 2010 1M9TG11J3AG816003 1357872 Retired
Auctioned off on 3/10/2022
F2002 Apr 2010 1M9TG11J5AG816004 1357873 Retired
F2003 Apr 2010 1M9TG11J7AG816005 1357874 Retired
Auctioned off on 3/10/2022


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