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The following files should be deleted. Reasons are also listed.

It should also be noted that none of the image meet CPTDB Wiki standards for images. If an image listed here is yours, and you anticipate using it in the future, upload a copy of it with a standardized file name.

Image:OrionV001.JPG - Unused, low quality

Image:7084 avatar 2.JPG - Unused

Image:9009.JPG - Unused, replaced

Image:MT06.JPG - Unused, replaced

Image:Img 078.jpg - Unused

Image:164406.gif.png - Unused

Image:7084 avatar.JPG - Unused

Image:IMG 700.jpg - Unused

Image:IMG 836.jpg - Unused

Image:IMG 1186.jpg - Unused

Image:TTC8051.jpg - Unused

Image:TTC8051.JPG - Unused

Image:OrionI001.JPG - Unused

Image:IMG 832.jpg - Unused

Image:IMG 2140.JPG - Unused

Image:25map.GIF - Unused

Image:Ttc5409.png - Unused

Image:Rt-1.png - Unused

Image:Atl canada bus roster.png - Unused

Image:6553.jpg - Unused

Image:Atl canada bus roster v2.png - Unused

Image:D40i.jpg - Unused

Image:180px-Cam-may-2005.jpg - Unused

Image:180px-STM17-094.jpg - Unused

Image:200px-Montreal-Metro-Rush Hour-01.jpg - Unused

Image:260px-Bus from the STM, Montreal 2005-10-21.jpg - Unused

Image:RTC logo.jpg - Unused

Image:510610.jpg - Unused, duplicate

Image:Atl canada bus roster v3.png - Unused

Image:22map.png - Unused

Image:5154.JPG - Unused

Image:63Ossington.PNG - Unused

Image:DSC01746.JPG - Unused, utterly huge

Image:VI stripe.PNG - Unused, replaced

Image:VI-stripe.PNG - Unused, replaced

Image:7562 on 56 Leaside.JPG - Unused

Image:60px-Mortarboard.png - Unused

Image:Route310.PNG - Unused

Image:YRTroute5.gif - Unused

Image:208a.jpg - Unused

Image:1046.jpg - Unused