Embraer 145

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Embraer 145
American Eagle N653AE-a.png
First Flight: August 11, 1995
Assembled in: Brazil
Number built: 700[1]
Category: Short-Range Narrow-body
Manufactured by: Embraer

The Embraer 145 is a narrow-body short-haul airliner developed by Embraer in the mid 1990s's, part of the ERJ family. .

The Embraer 145 is still in production, but has no outstanding orders as of September 2019.


  • Length: 29.87m
  • Wingspan: 20.04m
  • Height: 6.76m
  • Range with max payload: 1,600km (ER), 2,870km (LR), 3,700km (XR)
  • Maximum Passenger Capacity: 50


  • ERJ145STD/ER - Baseline variant
  • ERJ145EU - Increased MTOW for European operations
  • ERJ145EP - Increased MTOW
  • ERJ145LR - Increased fuel capacity and engines upgraded
  • ERJ145LU - Increased MTOW over LR
  • ERJ145XR - Aerodynamic improvements, increased fuel and weight capacity, and engines upgraded



Central America and Caribbean

Northern America


Western Europe