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ElDorado National 'S VINs' were issued for 1995 model buses. Models with ElDorado VINs issued are Axess, Escort RE, EZ Rider, Transmark, and XHF.


Full VINs are available by clicking on the link to the individual fleet pages (See unit numbers column).

VINs Build Date Operator Unit Numbers Model Notes
SC084044 1995 Utah Transit Authority 9497 Transmark RE 29'
SC084054 1995 Volusia County Transit 1001-1008 Transmark RE 29'
  • Altoona test bus from June 30, 1995 to July 5, 1995.
SC084064-SC084065 1995 San Diego Metropolitan Transit System 2091-2092? Escort RE 29' CNG
SC084079-SC084084 1995 Valley Metro Transmark RE 32' CNG
SC084131 1995 ElDorado National Demo Transmark RE 29'
  • Altoona test bus from January 2, 1996 to January 22, 1996.
SC084132-SC084137 1995 Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority 28-33 Transmark RE 29'