Eagle International Model 10

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Eagle International - Model 10
Years of manufacture 1980-1987
Length 40 feet
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel

The Eagle International Model 10 was a 42-53 passenger highway coach that began production in 1980. The Model 10 was introduced with many design changes from the Model 05.[1]

In 1981, the front doors were raised to the same height as the top of the windshield. [2]

In 1982, Eagle offered a 2-axle suburban version named Model 10S. However, axle load limitations reduced its usefulness and few were built. [3]

In 1983, an LT Luxury Tour coach option became available. It featured new sidewall and ceiling panels, new window trim and enclosed parcel racks.

2217 units were built.




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