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Eagle International was a Highway Coach builder located in Brownsville, TX, USA.


In 1974 Eagle International started building coaches in Brownsville, TX USA. For two years, Belgium and Texas built the Model 05. Since 1976 - all US bound coaches were built in Brownsville, TX. The Model 10 was introduced with many design changes in 1980. In 1985 the Model 15 was introduced making the standard bus 102 inches wide, then four years later coaches could be ordered 45 feet long.

In 1987 Greyhound purchased Trailways and Eagle International, Inc. The name was then changed to Eagle Bus Manufacturing Inc.

In the 90's, Greyhound declared bankruptcy which also included all of its subsidiaries and Eagle Bus Manufacturing Inc. Some Eagles were being made, mostly "Entertainer Coaches" for celebrities.

In the late 90's the company was split and moved to two distinct places in Mexico. Mexico has a high demand for seated buses and Eagles were built for that market - all with the famous Eagle Ride "Torsilastic Suspension". [1]



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