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DRT Pulse logo-b.png
PULSE 900 Highway 2
Number of Branches 2
Types of buses used New Flyer XD40Wc15.JPG Nova Bus LFS Wc15.JPG Nova Bus LFS Artic
Division Raleigh
Related routes 915

PULSE 900 Highway 2 is Durham Region Transit's (DRT) branded bus rapid transit "Lite" service, and precursor to bus rapid transit, along Ontario Highway 2. PULSE 900 operates between downtown Oshawa at Richmond/Ontario and Centennial Circle and the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus at Military Trail and Ellesmere Road. It serves the intermediate municipalities of Whitby, Ajax, and Pickering. Pulse currently runs in mixed traffic with sections of curb-side bus lanes with 10 minute headways or better on weekdays during peak periods and midday. DRT will implement "conditional" transit signal priority and automatic vehicle locating systems for the BRT system.

Current route diagram


This route has two branches

  • PULSE 900 Highway 2 Richmond and Ontario (Oshawa) - Centennial Circle and UTSC (Scarborough) (All Times)
  • PULSE 900B Highway 2 Richmond and Ontario (Oshawa) - Glenanna Road (Pickering Town Centre) (Weekday early morning and Sunday daytime)


Branch Weekdays Saturday Sunday
AM Peak Midday PM Peak Early Evening Late Evening Early AM Day Evening Early AM Day Evening
900 10 10 10 20 30 30 15 30 30 30 30
900B 3 Trips N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 30 N/A


Since 2007, DRT identified Highway 2 as an important corridor for rapid transit and prepared a business case for BRT along the route. On June 15, 2007, the government of Ontario announced their MoveOntario 2020 plan which committed $11.5 billion in funding 52 rapid transit projects in the GTHA. Metrolinx developed the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), which became known as The Big Move, and approved it in November 2008. The Highway 2 rapid transit project was identified as a Top 15 Priority Project in The Big Move.

The Region has solicited the public input for starting the BRT project. This included open houses and a formation of a committee to discuss the Long Term Transit Strategy. This long term study identified other main corridors in the region that would support rapid transit by the year 2031. Highway 2 is estimated to reach ridership and development which would warrant an upgraded to light rail transit.

In April 2011, the Region initiated an environmental assessment. More public open houses are to take place, and a vote is being held on what to name the service. DRT unveiled four proposed names for the BRT service and four distinct logos and livery. The names to choose from are: DRT Plus, DRT MAX, DRT Rapid, and DRT Pulse. From April 4 to November 14, passengers could vote on the website. And on November 30, the Executive Committee approved the name with the most votes: DRT Pulse.

A soft launch took place on June 29, 2013. The service operates much like the GO Transit route 94 that it replaced. It makes all local stops along Highway 2 with added stops at Altona Road and Sheppard Avenue. Unlike the route 94, the route does not serve any GO stations or terminals and terminates at the University of Toronto.

  • In September 2013, construction began on dedicated bus lanes along Highway 2 in Ajax between Salem Road and Harwood Avenue. The westbound lane was completed by December, and the eastbound lane was completed by the summer of 2014. Construction soon followed for dedicated bus lanes in Pickering between Glenanna Road and Liverpool Road. They were completed by the end of 2015. Buffered bicycle lanes compliment all of the bus lanes.
  • In 2015 frequencies in weeday midday were increased from every 15 minutes to every 10 minutes or better.
  • Mid-2016 brought the construction of bus only lanes between (West of) Brock Road and (East of) Bainbridge Drive in Pickering complimented by buffered bicycle lanes.
  • 2016 brought improved frequency in the early morning periods on weedays as well as Saturday.
  • In spring of 2017 construction began on the final two sections of the phase one dedicated bus lanes. Construction begins at (East of Rotherglen Road to (East of) Westney Road in Ajax. Progress is also underway in Pickering between (West of) Steeple Hill to (East of) Delta Blvd. Each of these projects are scheduled to be complete by end of year 2017 and offer improved landscaping as well as safer pedestrian crossings at these busy intersections. Buffered bicycle lanes will also be added across each of the sections.
  • Due to a strike with constriction workers employed by AECOM Construction, dedicated bus only lanes in Pickering between Brock Road and Bainbridge Drive, were unable to be completed by summer of 2017. Once the strike has concluded, final paving on bus lanes will take place and be operational in the following weeks.
  • In September 2018, construction began for a new section of bus lanes linking the Westney Road section to the Harwood Avenue section.
  • In October 2018, construction ramped up for dedicated bus lanes along Highway 2 between Wesntey Road bus Lanes to the Harwood Avenue Bus lanes. once completed in Fall 2019, there will be a continuous length of bus lanes between Westney Road and Salem Road.
  • On January 7th 2019, route 900 will see a route change. The new western terminus of the route 900 will be Centennial Circle. This decision was decided upon following a lengthy detour around University of Toronto Scarborough, and the plan is to better serve more areas of the campus.
  • On February 27th, the Region of Durham started design work for the next segments of bus lanes that extend upon and connect the bus lanes that were already built. These extensions include, Delta Boulevard to East of Fairport Road in Pickering, West of Dixie Road to Glendale Drive in Pickering, Glenanna Road to Brock Road in Pickering, and Salem Road to Galea Drive in Ajax.
  • On June 5th DRT announced the order for six Nova Bus LFS Artics, marking the first articulated buses to join the DRT fleet in 2020 and enter service in 2021. [[1]]
  • On September 3rd, 2019, Route 900 Sunday service increased from every 30 Minutes to every 15 Minutes on the new 900B branch that operates between Richmond and Ontario to Glenanna Road and the Pickering Town Centre.
  • On September 6th, 2019, 7100-7103 entered service


Pulse services a number of local stops in each direction.

Here is a list of all stops along the route from the west at Centennial Circle to the east in Downtown Oshawa

Stop Street Cross-street Direction Wc15.JPG Routes served Notes
Centennial Circle Loop Military Trail Pan Am Drive East Wc15.JPG Walking connection to GO Transit 51, 12D, TTC 116A and TTC 905 at street
Military Trail Ellesmere Road Military Trail East/West Wc15.JPG 95 116A Pick up eastbound and Drop off westbound. Connections at West Side Stops for 12D, 38, 95 116A, 905, and 995
Meadowvale Ellesmere Road Meadowvale Road East/West Wc15.JPG 95 Pick up eastbound and Drop off westbound
Sheppard Kingston Road Sheppard Avenue East West Wc15.JPG 92 Drop off only
Port Union Kingston Road Port Union Road East Wc15.JPG 92 103 Pick up only
Altona Kingston Road Altona Road East/West Wc15.JPG 110B 110B only stops on westbound side
Rougemount Kingston Road Rougemount Drive East/West Wc15.JPG 92 193 110B 110B only stops on westbound side
Rosebank Kingston Road Rosebank Road East/West Wc15.JPG 193 110B 110B only stops on westbound side
Steeple Hill Kingston Road Steeple Hill East/West Wc15.JPG 193 110B 110B only stops on westbound side
Whites Kingston Road Whites Road East/West Wc15.JPG 92 193 110B 110B only stops on westbound side
Delta Kingston Road Delta Boulevard West Wc15.JPG 193
780 Kingston Road Kingston Road N/A West Wc15.JPG 193
817 Kingston Road Kingston Road N/A East Wc15.JPG 193
Fairport Kingston Road Fairport Road East/West Wc15.JPG 51 92 193
Dixie Kingston Road Dixie Road East/West Wc15.JPG 193 111A 111A only stops on westbound side
Walnut Kingston Road Walnut Lane East/West Wc15.JPG 51 92 193 111/111A
Liverpool Kingston Road Liverpool Road East/West Wc15.JPG 193 223 111/111A 916 916 and 223 only stops on Eastbound side
Glenanna Kingston Road Glenanna Road East/West Wc15.JPG 92 291 603 916 603, 916 and 291 only stops on eastbound side
Valley Farm Kingston Road Valley Farm Road East/West Wc15.JPG 603 291 916 Accessible only on westbound side
Brock Road Kingston Road Brock Road East/West Wc15.JPG 92 111/111A 291 916
Bainbridge Kingston Road Bainbridge Drive East/West Wc15.JPG 291
Notion Kingston Road Notion Road East/West Wc15.JPG 291
Elizabeth Kingston Road Elizabeth Street East/West Wc15.JPG 291
Church Kingston Road Church Street East/West Wc15.JPG 92 291 Stop labeled as "625 Kingston Road" while travelling east
Mill Kingston Road Mill Street East/West Wc15.JPG
Westney Kingston Road Westney Road East/West Wc15.JPG 92 291 Important transfer to route 915 Taunton
Ritchie Kingston Road Ritchie Road/Chapman Drive East Wc15.JPG 291
Chapman Kingston Road Ritchie Road/Chapman Drive West Wc15.JPG 291
132 Kingston Road Kingston Road N/A West Wc15.JPG 291
113 Kingston Road Kingston Road N/A East Wc15.JPG 291
Harwood Kingston Road Harwood Avenue East/West Wc15.JPG 92 291
84 Kingston Road Kingston Road Durham Centre West Wc15.JPG
69 Kingston Road Kingston Road Durham Centre East Wc15.JPG 291
Salem Kingston Road Salem Road East/West Wc15.JPG 92 291
257 Kingston Road Kingston Road N/A East Wc15.JPG
Wicks Kingston Road Wicks Drive East/West Wc15.JPG
Alexanders Crossing Kingston Road Alexanders Crossing East/West Wc15.JPG
Audley Kingston Road Audley Road North East/West
Lake Ridge Kingston Road Lake Ridge Road East/West
Halls Dundas Street Halls Road East/West Wc15.JPG 92 Connection to Dundas Street/Highway 412 Park and Ride.
White Oaks Dundas Street White Oaks Court East/West Wc15.JPG 92 Some trips will short turn at this stop
Jeffery Dundas Street Jeffery Street East Wc15.JPG
McQuay Dundas Street McQuay Boulevard West Wc15.JPG
Wellington Dundas Street Wellington Street East/West Wc15.JPG
Cochrane Dundas Street Cochrane Street West Wc15.JPG 312
Annes Dundas Street Annes Street East Wc15.JPG
Euclid Dundas Street Euclid Street West Wc15.JPG 312
King Dundas Street King Street East Wc15.JPG
Brock Street Dundas Street Brock Street East/West Wc15.JPG 92 312 Important connection to route 302 Brock/Brooklin
Hickory Dundas Street Hickory Street East Wc15.JPG
Pine Dundas Street Pine Street West Wc15.JPG 312
Garden Dundas Street Garden Street West Wc15.JPG 92 312
Lupin Dundas Street Lupin Drive West Wc15.JPG 92
Craydon Dundas Street Craydon Road East/West Wc15.JPG 304 312 312 only stops on westbound side
Hopkins Dundas Street Hopkins Street East Wc15.JPG 92
Anderson Dundas Street Anderson Street West Wc15.JPG 92 312
Bowman Dundas Street Bowman Avenue West Wc15.JPG 312
Glen Hill Dundas Street Glen Hill Drive East Wc15.JPG 312
Thickson Dundas Street Thickson Road East/West Wc15.JPG 92 Important connection to route 305 Thickson/Garrard
Kathleen Dundas Street Kathleen Street East/West Wc15.JPG
Kendalwood Dundas Street Kendalwood Road East Wc15.JPG
Garrard Dundas Street Garrard Street West Wc15.JPG
Thornton King Street Thornton Road East/West Wc15.JPG Important connection to route 910 Campus Connect
Waverly King Street Waverly Road East/West Wc15.JPG
Stevenson King Street/Bond Street Stevenson Road East/West Wc15.JPG 90 92 GO 90 only stops eastbound on King Street
Gibbons King Street/Bond Street Gibbons Street East/West Wc15.JPG
Park Bond Street Park Street North West Wc15.JPG 90 92
Warren King Street Warren Avenue East Wc15.JPG 90 92 402 405
Midtown King Street Midtown Drive East Wc15.JPG 402 405
Arena Bond Street Arena Street West Wc15.JPG 402 405
Centre King Street/Bond Street Centre Street East/West Wc15.JPG 90 92 402 405
Simcoe Bond Street Simcoe Street West Wc15.JPG 90 402 405 407
Bond Simcoe Street Bond Street North Wc15.JPG 401 422 Temporary stop on detour due to construction at Mary and Bond.
Ontario Richmond Street Ontario Street East Wc15.JPG temporary terminus due to construction at Mary and Bond.
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