DASH (Alexandria Transit Company) 54-58

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DASH (Alexandria Transit Company) 54-58 are Gillig Phantom (C21B096N4) buses built in 1999.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins ISM 280hp Voith D863.3E 37


Fleet Number Thumbnail Date VIN Licence Plate Status/Disposal Notes
54 1999 15GCB2113X1089151 41283L Retired
55 1999 15GCB2115X1089152 41282L Retired
56 1999 15GCB2117X1089153 41280L Retired
57 1999 15GCB2119X1089154 41281L Retired
58 1999 15GCB2110X1089155 41279L Retired