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* [https://ikarus286.com/ ikarus286.com]
* [https://ikarus286.com/ ikarus286.com]
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEe3FQKsBoE Circa 1983 Crown Ikarus 286 Promotional Film]
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEe3FQKsBoE Circa 1983 Crown Ikarus 286 Promotional Film]
* [http://norcalbusfans.jalbum.net/NorCal%20Bus%20Fans%20Photo%20Archives/Northern%20and%20Central%20California/samTrans%20-%20San%20Mateo%20County%20Transit%20District/Crown%20Ikarus%20286/SQUIER-FEB-2012-18468.jpg SamTrans 1980 Crown Ikarus 286 Factory Photo]

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Crown Ikarus 286
Edmonton Transit System demo 781.jpg
Years of manufacture 1980 to 1985
Length 60'
Width 102"
Power/Fuel Diesel

The Crown Ikarus 286 was a articulated transit bus manufactured by Crown Coach Corporation & Ikarus. The prototype 286 was built by Ikarus in late 1977. It was used as Ikarus's demonstration bus to enter the U.S. market. Due to the Federal Transportation Administration's regulations of the time, which would later become the Buy America Act of 1982, the 286 was required to have been built with 50% American labor and 50% American parts. In 1979, Ikarus struck an agreement with Crown, who would complete the assembly of the Hungarian-built buses in Los Angeles, CA. No orders were made after late 1984 and the contract between Crown & Ikarus ceased in 1986 after lawsuits arose from TriMet, due to defects with the buses. Ikarus would later contract with Orion in 1984 to sell the 286 in Canada as the Orion III.


Length: 60'
Width: 102"
Height: 10.5'
Wheelbase: ?
Turn Radius: 39'
Engine Emissions Availability
Cummins NHHTC-290 14.0L 290 hp 1980 to 1985
Cummins NHHTC-300 14.0L 300 hp 1980 to 1985
Cummins NHHTC-350 14.0L 350 hp 1980 to 1985
Cummins NHHTCC-350 14.0L 350 hp California 1980 to 1985
Transmission Availability
Allison HT-740 1980 to 1985
Voith D863.2 1982? to 1985
Rock-well International
Thermo King
Power Steering


United States Flag of the United States.png

Original Operators

Second-Hand Operators

Demonstrator/Engineering Units

Thumbnail Build
VIN Engine Transmission Notes
Ikarus 286 Demonstrator 6900-a.jpg 1977 ? Cummins NHHTC-290 Allison HT-740
1980 Crown Ikarus 286 Demonstrator-a.jpg 1979
TRABJ__A_AB100016 Cummins NHHTC-350
781 Edmonton Transit System demo 781.jpg 10/1981
TRABJ41A2BB100108 Cummins NHHTC-290 TriMet demonstrator for the Edmonton Transit System in July 1982.[17][18]

Privately Owned Coaches

Thumbnail Build
VIN Engine Transmission Previous Owner(s) Fleet
Current Owner Notes
TRABJ41A2BB100093 Cummins NHHTC-290 Voith D863.2 TriMet 766 Private Owner
  • Bought by a private owner in Weiser, ID for storage in 1999.
  • It was listed for sale in March 2018 and was sold to a private owner from Russia. The owner launched ikarus286.com, a website dedicated to the Crown Ikarus 286, along with blogs about his bus.[19][20]
? Cummins NHHTC-290 TriMet 7xx Private Owner
  • Tractor only, no trailer.
  • Spotted sitting by the Oregon Coast on 8/1/2016.[21]
  • Listed on Craigslist in Brookings, OR on 4/12/2018[22] & on 6/24/2019.[23]
? Cummins NHHTC-290 TriMet 7xx ? RV conversion. It was found in an unknown location, likely in the Northwestern U.S. at an unknown time.[24]
TRABJ41A2BB100113? TriMet 786? Private Owner
  • Bought by an unknown private owner circa 1999.
  • Sold to a 2nd private owner in Washington, who converted it into a rally racing bus for the Gambler 500 in July 2017. Its original engine was replaced.[25][26][27]
1983 TRABJ_1A_DB100121 Cummins NHHTC Santa Clara County Transit District
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District
  • Unfinished RV conversion likely in California; purchased from Zacher's Auto Salvage in Harbor City, CA.
  • Spotted on ebay in December 2007.[28]
  • Unknown current status.
1983 TRABJ_1A_DB100133 Cummins NHHTC Jacksonville Transportation Authority 8305 ?
  • Converted into a mobile stage bus.
  • Spotted on ebay in 2007.[28]
  • Unknown current status.
1983 ? Cummins NHHTC Jacksonville Transportation Authority 83xx ?
  • Tractor only, no trailer.
  • Found in Lake Butler, FL.[29]
  • Non-operational
? Cummins NHHTC Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County 14xx ?
  • Found in between Navasota, TX & Anderson, TX on 1/17/2014.[30] It was sitting in the same spot since at least 2005. It remained externally intact as of June 2018.[31]
  • Non-operational

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