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Chatham Bus Service served the city of Chatham from February 1947 until February 1948. It was operated by the Armstrong Brothers of Leamington, ON.

The company had service and financial problems and as a result ended service in February 1948.


Adult 10¢
Children (under 12 yrs.) Free


Operating hours: Monday-Saturday, 6:00 am till Midnight

Frequency: 15 min. inside city, 30 min. outside city

Service originally started with route 1 and 2 only.

Route Number Route Description
1 Start Richmond and Merrit-Queen-Fifth-Thames-Grand-Taylor-Forest-Delaware-Gladstone-Elizabeth-Victoria-Fifth-Queen-Richmond
2 Start Consession Road and Queen-Fifth-Barthe-Grand-Sandy-Brock-St.Clair-Barthe-Fifth-Queen
3 Start King-Robertson-Tecumseh-Phyllis-King-Robertson-Harvey-Queen-Fourth-King East-William North-Stanley-Lansdowne-Murray-Princess-King East-Duke-Park-William-King
4 Start King-Dover-Emma-Louise-Grand West-Sandy-Cornhill-Sheldon-Brock-St. Clair-Dover-King

All-Time Roster

Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Number Engine Transmission Notes
(6) 1938 Ford

They also used older school buses.