Central Florida Regional Transit Authority 841

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Central Florida Regional Transit Authority 841 was a 1984 Neoplan USA AN440A bus. It was originally built as a demo until it was sold to Tri-County Transit in 1985.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison HT-747


Thumbnail Build
VIN License Plate Status/Disposal Notes
841 1984 1N9TAS2A9EL013556
Retired in 1997.
  • Sold off.
  • Bought by a private owner in Florida. A cancelled title was noted in July 2003.[1]
    • It was listed on ebay in 2004.
    • Sold to a private owner in Georgia; a registration was noted in August 2004.[2] A current registration has not been found (as of 2019).[3]
A registration was noted in April 1995, possibly a duplicate title.