Can-Ar Coach Service 2801-2804

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Tokmakjian Inc. 2801-2804 are ElDorado E-Z Rider II MAX buses built in 2008-2009. They were originally delivered to Medicine Hat Transit as 781-782 and 784-785, and acquired by Tokmakjian in January 2016. 783 was also acquired and sent to TOK Transit's contract with Fort Erie Transit as 3208.

These buses are currently used on the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Shuttle, when Tokmakjian took over the contract in April 2016.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins ISB Allison B300R 31 American Seating Metropolitan Luminator Horizon


Thumbnail Build
VIN License plate(s) Notes
2801 542 4BJ
2802 542 3BJ
2803 542 2BJ
2804 542 1BJ