Cambria County Transit Authority

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Cambria County Transit Authority
(d.b.a. CamTran)
Cambria County Transit Authority logo.png

Founded July 20, 1976
Succeeded Johnstown Traction Company
Headquarters Johnstown, PA
Service area Johnstown urban area, including suburban and rural areas of Cambria County, and Windber, in Somerset County

Bus routes 25
Ridership (bus) 1,195,812 (FY 11/12)
Bus fleet 43
Bus fuel types Diesel
Diesel Hybrid

(para-transit) fleet

(Johnstown Incline)
43,670 (2015)
(Johnstown Incline) fleet

Transit hub(s) CamTran Transit Center
551 E Main Street, Johnstown, PA

CamTran+ Transit Center
1226 N Center Street, Ebensburg, PA

Connecting Agencies Altoona Metro Transit (AMTRAN)
Westmoreland Transit

Governed by 8 member Board of Directors
Executive Director Rose M Lucey-Noll,
Executive Director
Official Website
Bus Tracker CamTran Bus Tracker
(Avail Technologies)
Telephone Information (814) 535-4720

The Cambria County Transit Authority, also known as CamTran (since June, 1999), is the public transportation provider for Cambria County, Pennsylvania. The Cambria County Transit Authority began operation on July 20, 1976, however, did not begin bus operations until December 1, 1976. The Johnstown Inclined Plane was acquired April 12, 1982 for $1 from the Borough of Westmont, PA.

CamTran services include an urban route network serving Johnstown, PA; CamTran+, a rural van network servicing the Northern Cambria County; and the Johnstown Inclined Plane, having the distinction as one of the steepest vehicular inclines in the world.[1]


Urban services (Johnstown urban area)

CamTran+ services (rural-Northern Cambria County)


Connecting services

  • 11 Johnstown-Latrobe: Operated by Westmoreland Transit, connecting Johnstown with Latrobe, and Pittsburgh, PA (via connections). Connections are made across the street from the CamTran Transit Center.
  • Long-distance services are also available twice daily (in each direction) on Greyhound's Pittsburgh to Harrisburg line run; and Amtrak Pennsylvanian service, once daily (in each direction) between Pittsburgh and New York City.
  • Johnstown's Greyhound and Amtrak station is located at 47 Walnut Street, in Downtown Johnstown. The station is served directly by route 18-Downtown Shuttle.
  • 9:03 AM - Amtrak 42 towards New York City
  • 11:40 AM - Greyhound 4690 towards Harrisburg
  • 3:30 PM - Greyhound 4692 towards Harrisburg
  • 3:45 PM - Greyhound 4693 towards Pittsburgh
  • 6:10 PM - Amtrak 43 towards Pittsburgh
  • 10:35 PM - Greyhound 4691 towards Pittsburgh


  • Administrative Offices: 502 Maple Avenue, Johnstown, PA 15901
  • CamTran Transit Center: 551 Main Street, Johnstown, PA 15901
  • CamTran+ Ebensburg Office: 1226 North Center Street, Ebensburg, PA 15931

Past facilities

  • Moxham Garage: 630 and 726 Central Avenue, Moxham, PA[2]

Transit Roster

Wc15.JPG - Wheelchair lift-equipped service on all services.
Bicycle rack equipped route - Bike rack-equipped buses on all urban routes.

The livery of CamTran buses is white, with a sky blue diagonal block from the front of the bus, down to the back corner. In addition, there are dark red or maroon accents along the roof and separating the white and blue blocks on the bottom portion of the bus. The livery of CamTran+ buses carry a similar design to that of the standard fleet, however the front diagonal carries a royal blue color, with the back diagonal carrying a gold color.


Thumbnail Build
Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
? 2007 Gillig Low Floor 29'
Cummins ISL
  • 8 units.
  • 700's?
101-107 (2nd) 2011 Gillig Low Floor BRT 35'
Cummins ISL9
124-125 2001 Chance Coach AH-28 Cummins ISB 5.9
  • Specifically used on route 18 downtown shuttle.
  • 124 listed for auction on in February 2020
    • 2000 model year
    • VIN: 1C9S2HFS4YW535183
171-173 2017 Gillig Low Floor BRT CNG 35'
182-184 2018 Gillig Low Floor BRT CNG 35' Unknown total number of units.
215 Gillig BRT CNG 29' Cummins Westport ISL G It carries an Omaha Orange (PMS 151) body, with cream accents along the top and a cream downward "bulge" in the middle of the side of the bus. The livery was chosen as a nod to the Johnstown Traction Company, CamTran's immediate predecessor, which used a similar livery.
501-511 8/1999 Gillig Low Floor 35'
Detroit Diesel Series 40
512-513 4/2000 Gillig Low Floor 35'
Detroit Diesel Series 40
514-517? 2005 Gillig Phantom 35'
Cummins ISL
  • 4 units.
  • 515-517 were observed on the Camtran bus tracker.
518? 2007 Gillig Phantom 30'
Cummins ISL
  • 1 unit.
  • Observed on Camtran bus tracker.
719-721 Gillig Phantom 29'
722-728 Gillig Low Floor
801-802? 2007 Gillig Low Floor 29'
Cummins ISL Observed on Camtran bus tracker.
900 2010 Gillig Low Floor HEV 35'
Cummins ISB Its livery is a special wrap, noting hybrid technology.


Thumbnail Build
Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
101-107 1980 GMC RTS-03
Detroit Diesel 8V71N Allison V730
201-208 1981 Grumman Flxible 870
Detroit Diesel 8V71N Allison V730
220-224 1993 Flxible Metro "D"
301-312 1983 Neoplan USA AN440A Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison HT-747 301, 305, 309, 311 & 312 to RFTA as 321, 317, 319, 320 & 318.
401-402 1994 OBI Orion II
411-428 1966-1967 GMC TDH-3501 GMC Toro-Flow
  • 411-418 were built in 1966. 419-428 were built in 1967.
  • Assigned serial numbers 0647-0654 and 0939-0948.
  • Assumed transferred from Johnstown Traction Company in 1976.
429-430 1969 GMC TDH-3301 GMC Toro-Flow II DH478
431-434 1972-1973 GMC TDH-3302N GMC 478 Toro-Flow II
  • 431 & 432 were built in 1972. 433 & 434 were built in 1973.
  • Assigned serial numbers 0040-0041 and 0178-0179.
  • Assumed transferred from Johnstown Traction Company in 1976.
91xx 1991 Gillig Phantom
  • Ex-?
  • Unknown amount of units.
  • 9104, 9108 & 9109 were auctioned off in August 2007.[3]

Reserve-a-Ride (Paratransit Roster)

Thumbnail Build
Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
A-83 Ford/? E-Series/? Used on CamTran+ services.
91 Ford/? E-Series/? Used on CamTran+ services.

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