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*Delta Air Lines
*Delta Air Lines
**[[Delta Connection]]
**[[Delta Connection]]
*Air France

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Bombardier CRJ700
American Eagle N531EG-a.png
First Flight: May 27, 1999[1]
Assembled in: Canada
Number built: 330 (March 2019)[2]
Category: Short Range Narrow-body
Manufactured by: Bombardier

The Bombardier CRJ700 is a narrow-body short-haul jet airliner developed by Bombardier in the late 1990s. The CRJ700 was the first of a trio of stretched CRJ aircraft based on the CRJ100 and CRJ200.

This aircraft is still in development.


  • Length: 32.3m
  • Wingspan: 23.20m
  • Height: 7.60m
  • Range with max payload: 2,593 km[3]




North America