Boeing 737-900ER

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Boeing 737-900ER
United Airlines N38458-a.jpg
First Flight: September 1, 2006[1]
Assembled in: Renton, Washington
Number built: 408 (as of December 2016)[2]
Category: Medium-Haul Narrow-Body
Manufactured by: Boeing Commercial Airplanes

The Boeing 737-900 is a narrow-body medium-haul airliner developed by Boeing in the mid 2000s. The 737-900ER is the tenth model developed by Boeing of the Boeing 737. This model of 737 was developed to replace the Boeing 757-200.

This aircraft is still in development, to be replaced by the Boeing 787 MAX 9.


  • Length: 42.11m
  • Height: 12.55m
  • Wingspan: 34.31m
  • Range (with full payload): 5,460km
  • Maximum Passenger Capacity: 220


  • 737-900ER - CFMI CFM56-7B26


Previous operators in italics, current operators in bold.


Northern America


Central Asia

Eastern Asia

Southeastern Asia

Southern Asia

Western Asia


Eastern Europe

Southern Europe

Western Europe


Registration Thumbnail Model Year Engine Notes
N900ER 737-900ER 2006 CFM56-7B26

Other Special Use

Registration Thumbnail Model Year Engine Notes