Blue Bird TC/2000

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Blue Bird TC/2000
Blue Bird TC/2000 Forward Engine
Years of manufacture 1987 to 2003
Power/Fuel Diesel, CNG, LNG

The Blue Bird TC/2000 is a high floor type D school bus available in a front engine or rear engine version. It was meant as a low-cost supplement to the Blue Bird All American and is distinguishable from the All American by the single headlights with the turn signals mounted on the inner side of the headlights.



  • 1991 - new front end clip with a flip-up access cover. A RE (rear engine) version was introduced.
  • 1992 - base of the windshield was moved several inches lower. The front end access panel was redesigned from a 1-piece design into 3 pieces (a swing-down grille and two swing-out access doors).
  • 1993 - lower-profile engine cover.
  • 1994 - instrument panel was replaced with a GM-sourced one (same as the CV200)
  • 1998 - RE version is discontinued.
  • 1999 - headlight bar changed to an all-yellow design.
  • 2001 - dashboard was replaced with the All American type.
  • 2002 - side control panel was replaced with the All American type.





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