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BYD Auto is a Chinese vehicle manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and a wholly owned subsidiary of BYD Company. The BYD Company was founded in February 1995 and began manufacturing lithium-ion batteries in 1997. The automotive division was formed in January 2003 when BYD purchased the Tsinchuan Automobile Company.[1]




  • K6 (7m minibus)
  • K7 (Mid-E, 8m one-step)
  • K7M (Mid-E, 9.4m (30') low floor)
  • K7U (8m low floor)
  • K8 (10.2m low floor)
  • K8S (10.2m low floor LHD double deck)
  • K8SR (10.2m low floor RHD double deck)
  • K9 (eBus-12, 12m (40') low floor)
  • K9F (12m low floor)
  • K9FE (12m low floor)
  • K9G (eBus Andino 12, 12m high floor)
  • K9M (eBus-12, 12m (40') low floor)
  • K9MC (eBus-12, 12m (40') low floor)
  • K9S (10.8m (35') low floor)
  • K9R (11.6m RHD low floor)
  • K10 (12m low floor double deck)
  • K10A (15m low floor)
  • K10MR (Custom 45' low floor for Denver MallRide)
  • K11A (18m low floor)
  • K11M (Lancaster, 18m low floor)
  • K11U (18m low floor)
  • KF1 (eBus Andino 18, 18m high floor)
  • RapidKL Sunway Line BRT bus (12m low floor with Gemilang body)


  • C6 (23' coach)
  • C8 (35' coach)
  • C9 (40' coach)
  • C9M (40' coach)
  • C10 (45' coach)
  • C10M (45' coach)
  • C10MS (45' double deck coach)

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