BC Transit 6150-6157

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BC Transit 6150-6157 were General Motors Diesel Division TDH-4519 "New Look" buses built in 1969 for BC Hydro Transit as 772-779.

Ownership was transferred to the Urban Transit Authority upon its in 1980, renamed BC Transit in 1982.

The Victoria fleet was officially renumbered into the 8000 series in 1975, but these numbers only appeared on internal system rosters. The active Victoria fleet continued to display three digit numbers until the 1990s.

Units transferred to Municipal systems prior to 1996 were renumbered with their provincial fleet numbers; units transferred in 1996 and beyond retained their Victoria fleet number.

Engine Transmission Seated Capacity Seat Type Rear Door Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel
43 OTA220
2 pc.
Push Type


Renumbers Provincial
Thumbnail Date Serial License Plate Paint Notes
772 6150 1969 C037 CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif
773 6151 1969 C038 CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif
774 6151 1969 C039 6151 CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif
775 6153 1969 C040 CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif


1969 C041 CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif
777 6155 6155 777.jpg 1969 C041 CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif
778 6156 1969 C043 CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif
779 6157 1969 C044 CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif
  • assigned to Assigned to Victoria
  • To Oakridge as temp bus during Oak St Bridge rebuild in summer 1995
  • Retired in 1995