BC Ferries route 25 Port McNiell - Alert Bay - Sointula

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Route 20: Chemainus - Thetis - Penelakut
Type of Route Minor
Terminals Alert Bay
Port McNeill
Vessel based out of Alert Bay Island Aurora
Refit replacement Quadra Queen II
Sailing takes 40 minutes between both Alert Bay & Port McNeill
30 minutes for directly between Alert Bay & Sointula
25 minutes Sointula & Port McNeill
60 minutes Port McNeill to Alert Bay via Sointula
First and last sailing from Alert Bay 6:40 am *
5:55 pm**
8:25 pm ***
*Daily, direct sailing to Port McNeill on Monday to Saturday but adds a stop at Sointula on Sunday
** Daily last direct sailing to Port McNeill
***last sailing but stops at Sointula
First and last sailing from Port McNeill 8:40 am *
8:25 am **
9:30pm ****
*Daily to Alert Bay, Sointula via Alert Bay on Sundays only
** Monday to Saturday direct sailing Sointula
*** Sunday first direct sailing to Sointula
****Daily to Alert Bay & Sointula
First and last sailing from Sointula 7:55 am *
7:20 am **
9:00 pm ***
*Monday to Saturday

Route 20 is a ferry runs that is under contract and receives subsidy from Province of British Columbia to BC Ferries. This is minor route in BC Ferries route network.

Route Details

This route connects the Northern Gulf Island to Northern Vancouver Island.

Points of Interest

  • Port McNeill
  • Alert Bay
  • Sointula

Number of sailing

  • 5 direct sailing between all terminal daily excluding Sunday between Alert Bay or Sointula and Port McNeill
  • 1 all stop sailing between Alert Bay to Port McNeill via Sointula in both directions Monday to Saturday
  • 2 all stop sailing between Alert Bay to Port McNeill via Sointula in both directions Sundays

How to determine the vessel for the sailing?

The vessel switch between Alert Bay and Sointula on five direct sailing Monday to Saturday. On first sailing on Sunday and last sailing on each day the vessel will sailing between Alert Bay and Sointula which is only direct connection with each other.


This route was separate from BC Ferries Kelsey Bay - Beaver Cove - Sointula - Alert Bay - Port McNeill - Port Alice with the Nimpkish by Ministry of Transportation Salt Water Ferries in 1973. In 1979 in order to keep with vehicles capacity the 30 vehicles and 252 passengers per sailing vessel named Tenaka. In 1985 the route was transferred back to BC Ferries but due Island Highway being extended to Port Hardy it was not merged back on original route due its cancellation. In order to keep with over-height capacity on route the Quadra Queen II was placed on route in 1991. In June of 2020 a brand new vessel Island Aurora which increase capacity to 47 vehicles and 300 passengers per sailing.


Electrification of the vessel on route.

What is 25u?

It is passengers only variant of route, which will do school Monday to Friday sailing for students, operated by Western Pacific Marine Ltd. Spirit of Yalis.