BC Ferries route 19 Nanaimo Harbour - Gabriola Island

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Route 23: Campbell River - Quadra Island
Type of Route Minor
Terminals Descanso Bay
Nanaimo Harbour
Vessel based out of Descanso Bay Quinsam
Refit replacement Bowen Queen
Sailing takes 10 minutes
First and last sailing from Descanso Bay 5:15 am *
6:20 am ***
10:35 pm ***
*Monday to Friday year round
**Saturday & Sunday year round
***Daily year round
First and last sailing from Nanaimo Harbour 5:45 am *
6:45 am **
8:10 am ***
11:00 pm *****Monday to Friday year round
**Saturday year round
*** Sunday year round
****Daily year round

Route 19 is a ferry runs that is under contract and receives subsidy from Province of British Columbia to BC Ferries. This is minor route in BC Ferries route network.

Route Details

This route sails across Nanaimo Harbour between Downtown Nanaimo and Gabriola Island.

Points of Interests

  • McGregor Park
  • Nanaimo Harbour
  • Descanso Bay

Number of sailing

  • 15 sailing Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • 14 sailing on Saturday
  • 13 sailing on Wednesday & Sunday

How to determine the vessel for the sailing?

The route departs 65 minutes from both terminal excluding certain sailing that don’t occur certain days.


Future of Route

With the planned retirement of Powell River Queen in 2022. BC Ferries will bring back two boat service year around on route in 2022 with Island Class.[1]


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