BC Ferries route 17 Comox - Powell River

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Route 17: Comox - Powell River
Type of Route Minor
Terminals Little River
Vessel out of Little River Salish Orca
Relief / refit Salish Raven
Sailing takes 50 minutes
First and last sailing out of Little River 6:15 am & 7:10 pm
year round
First and last sailing out of Westview 8:05 am & 8:45 pm

Route 17 is a ferry runs that is under contract from Province of British Columbia to BC Ferries. This is minor route in BC Ferries route network which receives subsidy from Province of British Columbia.

Route overview

This route crosses the Salish Sea between Powell River and Comox.

Points of Interest

  • Westview
  • Westview lookout point
  • Little River

Number of sailings

4 round trips are provided year round.

How to determine the vessel for the sailing?

In morning & afternoon/evening sailing occurs 160 minutes apart with 500 minutes break in between second and third sailing from Little River. From the Powell River side morning & afternoon/evening frequency between sailing is 130 minutes with 500 minutes between 500 minutes between second and third sailing.


In 1964 Ministry of Transportation Salt Water Ferries started this route 30 vehicles and 252 passengers vessels named the Comox Queen. In 1969 in order to keep up with demand of the route in summer months Ministry of Transportation Salt Water Ferries leased the Queen of the Islands from BC Ferries carried 40 vehicles and 468 passengers per sailing. In order to keep up with year around demand on Ministry of Transportation Salt Water Ferries purchased Sechelt Queen, from BC Ferrieswhich at this point could 80 vehicles and 670 passengers per sailing which lasted 6 years on route. In 1982 another vessel was brought by Ministry of Transportation Salt Water Ferries for route which was Princess of Vancouver which carried 150 vehicles and 985 passengers per sailing. In 1985 this route was taken over by BC Ferries. 138 vehicles and 938 passengers per sailing, Queen of Sidney was placed on route 1986 to 2000. 192 vehicles and 904 passengers per sailing, Queen of Burnaby was placed on route for the 16 years from 2000 to 2016. In 2016 a 138 vehicle and 600 passengers vessel named Salish Orca took over the route.


Unknown planes at this time.