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BC Ferries route 12 Mill Bay - Brentwood Bay

Route 22: Denman Island - Hornby Island
Type of Route Minor
Terminals Brentwood Bay
Mill Bay
Vessel based out of Brentwood Bay Klista
Refit replacement Kahloke
Sailing takes 25 minutes
First and last sailing from Brentwood Bay 7:30 am *
8:40 am **
5:55 pm ***
Daily excluding Sunday
*** Year round
First and last sailing from Gravelly Bay 8:05 am *
9:15 am **
6:30 pm ***
* Daily excluding Sunday
**Sunday only
***Year round

Route 12 is a ferry runs that is under contract and receives subsidy from Province of British Columbia to BC Ferries. This is minor route in BC Ferries route network.


Route Details

This route connects Brentwood Bay and Mill Bay. This route is alternative way of getting over the Malahat highway. This route sails in Saanich Inlet.

Points of Interest

  • Brentwood Bay
  • Mill Bay

Number of sailing

  • 9 sailing daily sailing excluding Sunday
  • 8 sailing on Sunday
  • Note: No service on Christmas Day and New Year's Day

How to determine the vessel for the sailing?

The route frequency 70 minutes from both terminals with 135 minutes in early afternoon.


In October 1924 the SS Cascade enter service started service on the route operated by Cascade Freight & Trading Company. In 1945 this was brought out by Coast Ferries Ltd. Sometime between 1940s to early 1950 SS Cascades was refitted and renamed MV Brentwood Bay. On July 20, 156 a 16 vehicle and 136 passengers per sailing, with two ship service on until route 1959. In 1969 [[Coast Ferries Ltd was brought by BC Ferries. The route stayed the same