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The Tenaka class contained a single vessel owned and operated by BC Ferries. It was built in 1964 by Victoria Machinery Depot in Victoria, BC for the BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways. Its design was similar to the T class vessels (Texada Queen and Quadra Queen II) built in 1969.

Tenaka was a minor vessel with a lower capacity, and typically operated on routes with lower demand. It was a single ended vessel and had a raised bow, which improves navigation of heavy seas. There were three lanes on the main vehicle deck, with the middle lane accommodating overheight vehicles. Smaller passenger lounges were located above the lanes on either side of the overheight lane, with a larger passenger deck above.


Built 1964, Victoria
Home base Whaletown
Route(s) served 24

Tenaka is the only vessel in the Tenaka class.

Originally named Comox Queen, it was built for a new route connecting Comox and Powell River, which began operating in March 1965. Traffic on this route soon picked up, and Comox Queen had difficulties keeping up; the Ministry had to lease Queen of the Islands from BC Ferries to operate on the route during summer periods beginning in 1969. Eventually, the Ministry purchased Sechelt Queen from BC Ferries in 1976, replacing Comox Queen.

Comox Queen received an major refit and new engines in 1977, and was renamed Tenaka. In 1979, Tenaka replaced Nimpkish on the Port McNeill - Alert Bay - Sointula route. Tenaka joined the BC Ferries fleet in 1985 when all Ministry of Transportation saltwater operations were transferred to BC Ferries. In 1991, Tenaka was replaced on route 25 by Quadra Queen II, and it was transferred by 1994 to route 24 (Quadra Island - Cortes Island), once again replacing Nimpkish.[1] It continued operating on this route until 2013, when it was replaced by the newly upgraded Tachek, transferring Tenaka to spare vessel duty.

Once Quinitsa became a spare vessel with the introduction of Baynes Sound Connector in 2015, Tenaka was retired from BC Ferries. It was sold in 2016 to Lady Rose Marine Services in Port Alberni. After going through an overhaul and being renamed to Alberni Legacy, it is expected to reenter service in 2017.

Engines Max speed Length Displacement Vehicle capacity Passenger capacity
Two Caterpillar
1,700 hp
12 knots 47.09 m 651 tonnes 30 autos 252


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