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The Howe Sound Queen class contains a single vessel owned and operated by BC Ferries.

Howe Sound Queen

Howe Sound Queen
Built 1964, Sorel, QC
IMO number
Status Decommissioned
June 4, 2019
Home base Vesuvius Bay
Route(s) served 6

Howe Sound Queen is the only vessel in the Howe Sound Queen class.[1][2]

It was originally built in Sorel, Quebec as the Napoleon-L, serving on a route across the St Lawrence River between Sorel-Tracy and Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola. Its sister vessel, Lucien-L, still serves on this route.[3]

Napoleon-L was purchased by BC Ferries in 1971, and was towed through the Panama Canal to reach BC waters. Upon arriving, it was placed on its namesake, route 8 (Horseshoe Bay - Snug Cove). Within months of entering service with BC Ferries, Howe Sound Queen underwent a major upgrade, receiving a new expanded passenger lounge that covered the entire width of the vessel, and was raised to allow for overheight vehicles.

In 1992, after Queen of Capilano was transferred to route 8, Howe Sound Queen was transferred to route 6 (Crofton - Vesuvius), replacing the Vesuvius Queen. Howe Sound Queen received a major refurbishment in 2008, expected to last it another 10 years until its planned retirement. Howe Sound Queen was officially retired on June 4, 2019; it was replaced on route 6 by Quinitsa, which had previously been operating as a relief vessel.[4]

Engines Max speed Length Displacement Vehicle capacity Passenger capacity
1,609 hp 9.75 knots 74.37 m 921 tonnes 52 autos 300


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