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George S. Pearson was a single unclassed vessel owned and operated by BC Ferries. It was built in 1925 by Skansie Shipbuilding Company in Gig Harbour, WA.

As a small ferry operating primarily on short runs, it had minimal facilities. George S. Pearson was a double-ended ferry, with two through vehicle lanes on the main deck. The bridge was in the centre of the vessel overtop of the main deck. The two vehicle lanes were divided by a central staircase up to the bridge.

George S. Pearson

George S. Pearson
Built 1925, Gig Harbour
Home base Vesuvius Bay
Route(s) served 6

George S. Pearson was the only vessel in its class.[1]

George S. Pearson was originally built for the Washington Navigation Company as Wollochet, and operated on routes in Puget Sound to Day Island and Fox Island. While in service with Washington Navigation Company, it was renamed to Fox Island. In 1942, Fox Island was sold to Horluck Transportation, and in 1947 it was sold to Olympic Transportation, who operated it between Keystone and Port Townsend.

Fox Island was purchased by Gulf Islands Ferry Company in 1955, and renamed it to George S. Pearson after a prominent politician. George S. Pearson operated on a new route between Crofton on Vancouver Island and Vesuvius Bay on Salt Spring Island. BC Ferries purchased the assets of Gulf Islands Ferry Company, including George S. Pearson, and continued operating the vessel on this route.

Bowen Queen was delivered to BC Ferries in 1965. The original Bowen Queen was moved to route 6 by late January 1966, which retired George S. Pearson from service. It was sold to Nelson Brothers Fisheries later that year for use as a floating fish camp.[2]

Engines Max speed Length Displacement Vehicle capacity Passenger capacity
9 knots 27.6 m 177 tonnes 18 autos 134


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