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Cy Peck was a single unclassed vessel owned and operated by BC Ferries. It was built in 1913 in Tacoma, WA.

Cy Peck

Cy Peck
Built 1913, Tacoma
Home base Fulford Harbour
Route(s) served 4, 5, 6, 8

Cy Peck was the only vessel in its class.[1]

Cy Peck was originally built as the steamship Daily, and operated in Puget Sound between Seattle and Tacoma. In 1918, Daily was sold to Canadian Pacific Steamships as Island Princess. CP operated Island Princess in the Gulf Islands, where she was successful in increasing business.

CP decided to replace Island Princess with Charmer, a steamship that had been rebuilt to handle automobiles, around 1927. Island Princess was sold in 1930 to Gulf Islands Ferry Company, who renamed it after Cyrus Wesley Peck, a B.C. war hero and politician. Gulf Islands Ferry substantially rebuilt Cy Peck to handle automobiles, and continued operating it in the Gulf Islands, most prominently on the Swartz Bay - Fulford Harbour route.

In 1961, BC Ferries purchased the assets of Gulf Islands Ferry Company, which included Cy Peck. In BC Ferries service, it operated on a few different minor routes. In 1962, it operated on route 8 (Horseshoe Bay - Snug Cove) until delivery of the first Bowen Queen, after which it was primarily a backup vessel for the Gulf Islands routes, being stored at Fulford Harbour.

Cy Peck was retired from BC Ferries service in 1966, after delivery of Mayne Queen. Cy Peck was purchased by J.H. Todd and Sons, who used it as a floating fish camp. By 1977, it was moored off Salt Spring Island in Ganges, and at some point later was partially submerged.

Engines Max speed Length Displacement Vehicle capacity Passenger capacity
280 hp 35.4 m 171 tonnes 18 autos 135


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