Associated Equipment Company

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Associated Equipment Company or AEC was a United Kingdom based vehicle manufacturer which built buses and trucks from 1912 until 1979.


In 1912, the London General Omnibus Company (LGOC) was taken over by the Underground group of companies, the owner of most of the London Underground. As part of the reorganisation following the takeover, a separate concern was set up for the bus manufacturing and was named Associated Equipment Company.

AEC changed its name to Associated Commercial Vehicles (ACV) Ltd. in 1948, although it kept the initials "AEC" on its vehicles.

Leyland Motors Limited acquired ACV in 1962.

In 1968, all AEC double-deckers ceased production, and its last buses and trucks were built in 1979. The Leyland Marathon was built at the Southall plant until British Leyland closed it in 1979.