Arboc Freedom

The Arboc Freedom (known as the Spirit LP until late 2011 and Spirit of Freedom until 2021) is a low floor cutaway bus for the shuttle and paratransit market. The chassis used is the GMC/Chevrolet 3500 or 4500 van chassis. Similar in design to the Arboc Mobility, the Freedom is advertised as a more "simple" and "affordable" version. An identifying feature of the Freedom from the Mobility is the front door. The Freedom has a slightly wider front door that is not at an angle toward the cowl, but is straight.

Arboc Freedom
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Years of manufacture 2010 to present
Length 24 or 27 feet
Width 96 inches
Height 112 inches
Power/fuel Diesel, gasoline, electric hybrid
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In late 2014, the bus received a facelift with new tail lights, a more sleek swept, destination space, along with the option for flush-mounted windows. The diesel chassis was discontinued in 2016.


Model number Length Fuel Availability
SOF 24 24' / 165" Gasoline 2017-current
SOF 27 27' / 191" Gasoline 2017-current
SOF 29 29' / 210" Gasoline 2017-current
SOF24D 24' Diesel 2010-2016
SOF24G 24' Gasoline 2010-2016
SOF27D 27' Diesel 2010-2016
SOF27G 27' Gasoline 2010-2016
SOF29D 29' Diesel 2010-2016
SOF29G 29' Gasoline 2010-2016




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